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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2012| April-June  | Volume 30 | Issue 2  

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Greetings from Davangere, Karnataka, India p. 93
VV Subba Reddy
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Radix entomolaris and paramolaris in children: A review of the literature p. 94
NB Nagaveni, KV Umashankara
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Speech and language delay in children: A review and the role of a pediatric dentist p. 103
P Shetty
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Comparison of oral midazolam with oral tramadol, triclofos and zolpidem in the sedation of pediatric dental patients: An in vivo study p. 109
S Bhatnagar, UM Das, G Bhatnagar
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Comparison of mechanical and chemomechanical methods of caries removal in deciduous and permanent teeth: A SEM study p. 115
A Avinash, SD Grover, M Koul, MT Nayak, A Singhvi, RK Singh
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An estimation of fluoride release from various dental restorative materials at different pH: In vitro study p. 122
RN Bahadure, RK Pandey, R Kumar, K Gopal, RK Singh
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Inter-relationship of intelligence-quotient and self-concept with dental caries amongst socially handicapped orphan children p. 127
PKS Virk, RL Jain, A Pathak, U Sharma, JS Rajput
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Self etching adhesive on intact enamel p. 133
GM Devarasa, VV Subba Reddy, NL Chaitra
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The effectiveness of a musical toothbrush for dental plaque removal: A comparative study p. 139
M Ganesh, S Shah, D Parikh, P Choudhary, V Bhaskar
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Effect of casein phosphopeptide - amorphous calcium phosphate containing chewing gum on salivary concentration of calcium and phosphorus: An in-vivo study p. 146
BP Santhosh, P Jethmalani, KK Shashibhushan, VV Subba Reddy
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The prevalence of traumatic dental injuries to permanent anterior teeth and its relation with predisposing risk factors among 8-13 years school children of Vadodara city: An epidemiological study p. 151
MC Patel, SG Sujan
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Dynamic 3 T MRI of temporomandibular joint in diagnosing a stuck disk p. 158
J Sureka, DV Reddy, AK Karthik
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New design space regainers: 'Lingual arch crossbow' and 'Double banded space regainer' p. 161
P Chalakka, AM Thomas, F Akkara, R Pavaskar
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Oral manifestations leading to the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a young girl p. 166
BA Silva, CRB Siqueira, PHS Castro, SS Ara˙jo, LER Volpato
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Enamel renal syndrome: A rare case report p. 169
SV Kala Vani, M Varsha, Y Uday Sankar
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Benign migratory glossitis with fissured tongue p. 173
M Goswami, A Verma, M Verma
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Regional odontodysplasia: A case of progressive tooth development p. 176
R Ganguly, A Ramesh
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Mandibular mass in pediatric patient: A diagnostic dilemma p. 179
PA Ranadive, MD Deshpande, SN Ingole, C Ankush
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Presurgical management of a child with missing lower lip using a new design of fixed lower tongue crib p. 183
S Safeena, M Najmuddin, K Reddy
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