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Noise and Health

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2014| November-December  | Volume 16 | Issue 73  

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Chronic noise stress-induced alterations of glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid and their metabolism in the rat brain p. 343
Amajad Iqbal Kazi, Anna Oommen
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Influences of age, gender, and parents' educational level in knowledge, behavior and preferences regarding noise, from childhood to adolescence p. 350
Keila Alessandra Baraldi Knobel, Maria Cecília Marconi Pinheiro Lima
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Psychometric properties of the Bulgarian translation of Noise Sensitivity Scale Short Form (NSS-SF): Implementation in the field of noise control p. 361
Angel M Dzhambov, Donka D Dimitrova
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Noise in restaurants: Levels and mathematical model p. 368
Wai Ming To, Andy Chung
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Burden of myocardial infarction attributable to road-traffic noise: A pilot study in Belgrade p. 374
Katarina Paunovic, Goran Belojević
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Characterizing urban areas with good sound quality: Development of a research protocol p. 380
Elise van Kempen, Jeroen Devilee, Wim Swart, Irene van Kamp
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Railway noise annoyance: Exposure-response relationships and testing a theoretical model by structural equation analysis p. 388
Sibylle Pennig, Arthur Schady
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Noise exposure immediately activates cochlear mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling p. 400
Kumar N Alagramam, Ruben Stepanyan, Samson Jamesdaniel, Daniel H.-C. Chen, Rickie R Davis
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A comparison of the effects of solvent and noise exposure on hearing, together and separately p. 410
Ilhan Unlu, Gulin Gokcen Kesici, Arzu Basturk, Mehmet Kos, Omer Hinc Yılmaz
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Morphological changes of adrenal gland and heart tissue after varying duration of noise exposure in adult rat p. 416
Noura Gannouni, Abada Mhamdi, Michèle El May, Olfa Tebourbi, Khémais Ben Rhouma
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Stapedial reflex and recruitment: What is the relationship with tinnitus? p. 422
Fernando Laffitte Fernandes, Alexandre Caixeta Guimarães, Guilherme Machado de Carvalho, Raquel Mezzalira, Guita Stoler, Jorge Rizzato Paschoal
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A vision of the environmental and occupational noise pollution in Malaysia p. 427
Foo Keng Yuen
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