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Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine

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2015| January-June  | Volume 1 | Issue 1  

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Launching the "Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine" p. 1
Ling Li
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Launching a New Journal in 2015: Journal of Forensic Science and Medicine p. 2
Yiping Hou
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Evaluation of the AGCU Expressmarker 16 and 22 PCR Amplification Kits Using Biological Samples Applied to FTA Micro Cards in Reduced Volume Direct PCR Amplification Reactions p. 3
Samantha J Ogden, Kathryn L Lamerton, Peter J Tatnell
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Validation of the DNATyper™15 PCR Genotyping System for Forensic Application p. 8
Jian Ye, Chengtao Jiang, Xingchun Zhao, Le Wang, Caixia Li, Anquan Ji, Li Yuan, Jing Sun, Shuaifeng Chen
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Determination of Electrical Conductivity of Cadaver Skeletal Muscle: A Promising Method for the Estimation of Late Postmortem Interval p. 16
Zhiyuan Xia, Xiandun Zhai, Beibei Liu, Yaonan Mo
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Analyses of Medical Malpractice in Judicial Appraisal: 505 Cases p. 21
Meng You, Xu Wang, Di Lu, Haidong Zhang, Shengli Di, Fengqin Zhang, Zhaoming Guo, Li Yuan, Lin Chang, Jian Xiang, Lili Yu, Yingkai Yang, Tiantong Yang
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Prediction of Facial Profile Based on Morphometric Measurements and Profile Characteristics of Permanent Maxillary Central Incisor Teeth p. 26
N Raghavendra, Venkatesh V Kamath, Krishnanand P Satelur, Komali Rajkumar
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Study on Accuracy of Judgments by Chinese Fingerprint Examiners p. 33
Shiquan Liu, Christophe Champod, Jian Wu, Yaping Luo
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Characteristics of Suicides Caused by Drug Overdose in the State of Maryland p. 38
Ling Li, Xinbiao Liao, Guozhong Zhang, Daming Sun, Tiantong Yang, Keming Yun, Rebecca Phipps, Xiang Zhang, Mary G Ripple, David Fowler
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Discrimination of Car Headlight Plastic by Gel Permeation Chromatography p. 43
Bo Wang, Yangke Quan, Hongling Guo
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Comparison of the Concentrations of Lidocaine in Different Body Fluids/Tissues after Subarachnoid Space and Intravenous Administration of a Lethal Dose of Lidocaine p. 48
Nan Zhang, JunHong Sun, Zhiwen Wei, Wenyan He, Guohua Jin, Xiaohong Zhang, Pengxiang Gao, Longmei Wang, Keming Yun
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Advances in Toxins and Narcotics Determination Techniques in China During 2013 p. 54
Ling Zeng, Zhicheng Liu, Xu Han, Hongxia Hao
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Chinese Forensic Psychiatry: History, Development and Challenges p. 61
Li Xue, Yan-Wei Shi, James L Knoll, Hu Zhao
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Fat Embolism as a Rare Complication of Large-volume Liposuction in a Plastic Patient p. 68
Xiaoliang Fu, Shang Gao, Zhenyu Hu, Yadong Guo, Jifeng Cai
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Mass Disaster: Will Dental Records be Effectively Useful in Developing Nations? p. 72
Gaurav Sharma, Archna Nagpal
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Inquest of Imperial Envoy: The True Depiction of an Inquest During the Qing Dynasty p. 73
Xiaochuan Shi, Shifan Wang
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