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International Journal of Yoga

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2014| January-June  | Volume 7 | Issue 1  

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Prana and electrons in health and beyond p. 1
TM Srinivasan
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In search of yoga: Research trends in a western medical database p. 4
Marcy C McCall
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Referral to yoga therapists in rural primary health care: A survey of general practitioners in rural and regional New South Wales, Australia p. 9
Jon Wardle, Jon Adams, David Sibbritt
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Impact of yoga on biochemical profile of asthmatics: A randomized controlled study p. 17
Shruti Agnihotri, Surya Kant, Santosh Kumar, Ranjeet K Mishra, Satyendra K Mishra
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Decoding the integrated approach to yoga therapy: Qualitative evidence based conceptual framework p. 22
Maria Del Carmen Villacres, Aarti Jagannathan, R Nagarathna, Jayashree Ramakrsihna
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Can yoga practices benefit health by improving organism regulation? Evidence from electrodermal measures of acupuncture meridians p. 32
Bhawna Sharma, Alex Hankey, Niharika Nagilla, Kaniyamparambil Baburajan Meenakshy, Hongasandra Ramarao Nagendra
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Effect of yoga training and detraining on respiratory muscle strength in pre-pubertal children: A randomized trial p. 41
Crystal Dalia D'Souza, Sandhya T Avadhany
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Changes in pain intensity and health related quality of life with Iyengar yoga in nonspecific chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled study p. 48
Gopal S Nambi, Dipika Inbasekaran, Ratan Khuman, Surbala Devi, Shanmugananth , K Jagannathan
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Effect of yoga on the Myofascial Pain Syndrome of neck p. 54
D Sharan, M Manjula, D Urmi, PS Ajeesh
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Differential effects of uninostril and alternate nostril pranayamas on cardiovascular parameters and reaction time p. 60
Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Meena Ramanathan, R Balaji, D Pushpa
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Barriers in the path of yoga practice: An online survey p. 66
HV Dayananda, Judu V Ilavarasu, SK Rajesh, Natesh Babu
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Effect of 11 months of yoga training on cardiorespiratory responses during the actual practice of Surya Namaskar p. 72
Biswajit Sinha, Tulika Dasgupta Sinha
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Effect of repetitive yogic squats with specific hand position (Thoppukaranam) on selective attention and psychological states p. 76
Angelica Chandrasekeran, Sasidharan K Rajesh, TM Srinivasan
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Does yoga exercise therapy affect oxidative stress parameters in end-stage renal disease patients undergoing hemodialysis? p. 80
Turgay Ulas, Ilhan Hacibekiroglu, Sevilay Ulas, Ali Yildiz
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A commentary on Nemati (2013): "The effect of pranayama on test anxiety and test performance" p. 81
Geoffrey Lyons
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Response to book review "The Astonishing Brain and Holistic Consciousness: Neuroscience and Vedanta Perspectives" p. 83
Vinod D Deshmukh
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Yoga Anatomy (2 nd Edition) p. 84
NK Manjunath
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