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Journal of Clinical Neonatology

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2012| January-March  | Volume 1 | Issue 1  

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Fluid restriction and prophylactic indomethacin in extremely low birth weight infants p. 1
Jasim A Anabrees, Khalid M AIFaleh
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Aborting a malformed fetus: A debatable issue in Saudi Arabia p. 6
Saleh Al-Alaiyan, Khalid M AlFaleh
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Early CPAP versus surfactant in extremely preterm infants p. 12
Jubara Alallah
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Antenatal magnesium sulfate decreases risk of cerebral palsy p. 13
Zakariya Al-Salam
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Whole body hypothermia, using low cost technique, is safe and effective in term and near-term babies with moderate and severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy p. 15
Sajjad Ur-Rahman
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Bovine lactoferrin supplementation for prevention of late-onset sepsis in very low-birth-weight neonates p. 17
Khalid M AlFaleh
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Volume-targeted versus pressure-limited ventilation for preterm infants: A systematic review and meta-analysis p. 18
Yahya Al Ethawi
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Impact of nurse-regulated feedings on growth velocity and weight gain of 1200-1500 g preterm infants p. 21
Serge M Thurin, Khawar Mohsini, Roy Cho, Judy Ruediger
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Improvements in birth weight-specific neonatal mortality rates in the state of Qatar between 2003 & 2010 and a comparative analysis with the Vermont Oxford Network database report of 2007: A pearl study review p. 25
Khalil M Salameh, Sajjad Ur-Rahman
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Neonatal short-term outcomes of gestational diabetes mellitus in Saudi mothers: A retrospective cohort study p. 29
R Al-Khalifah, A Al-Subaihin, T Al-Kharfi, S Al-Alaiyan, Khalid M AlFaleh
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Outcome of exchange blood transfusions done for neonatal jaundice in Abakaliki, South Eastern Nigeria p. 34
Roland C Ibekwe, MaryAnn U Ibekwe, Vivian U Muoneke
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Jejunoileal atresia: Factors affecting the outcome and long-term sequelae p. 38
Alessandro Calisti, Claudio Olivieri, Riccardo Coletta, Vito Briganti, Lucia Oriolo, Giuseppina Giannino
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Umbilical myiasis associated with Staphylococcus aureus sepsis in a neonate p. 42
Soumya Patra, Radheshyam Purkait, Rajarshi Basu, Mithun C Konar, Debanjali Sarkar
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Bilateral humerus fracture following birth trauma p. 44
Edwin Dias
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A case of Antley-Bixler syndrome p. 46
Subhrajit Lahiri, Bhaswati Ghoshal, Debabrata Nandi
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Prune belly syndrome associated with full spectrum of VACTERL in a new born p. 49
Said Younous, Youssef Zarrouki, Mustapha Boutbaoucht, Youssef Mouaffak, Kawtar Ennour El Idrissi, Nissrine Aboussair, Mohammed Oulad Saiad
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