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Indian Journal of Otology

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2012| April-June  | Volume 18 | Issue 2  

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Role of vitamin D in prevention of deafness p. 55
Mahendra K Taneja, Vivek Taneja
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Spontaneous CSF otorrhea, hidden and serious condition necessitate recognition of its presentation and the modalities of treatment p. 58
Bandar Al Qahtani
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The value of TORCH screening in children with bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss p. 62
Rabee M Al Sabellha, Abdulrhman Hager
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Analysis of sensorineural hearing loss in chronic suppurative otitis media with and without cholesteatoma p. 65
Rohit Sharma, Vinit K Sharma
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Effect of suture material on lobuleplasty: Experience at a tertiary care center p. 69
Ashish Katarkar, Maulik Shah, Anil Jain, Pankaj shah, Datt Modh, Madhavi Patel
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Electrocochleography in individuals with Meniere's disease p. 72
Prawin Kumar, Pallavi Peepal
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Evaluation of central neuropathy in patients of chronic renal failure with normal hearing p. 76
Ravinder Sharma, Prachi Gautam, Sanjay Gaur, Sanjay Kumar, Vivek Taneja
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Effects of the preoperative anxiety and depression on the postoperative pain in ear, nose and throat surgery p. 82
Önder Kavakci, Emine Elif Altuntas, Suphi Müderris, Nesim Kugu
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Primary tuberculosis of the nasopharynx: A rare case and literature review p. 88
Emine Elif Altuntas, Canan Filiz Karakus, Kasim Durmus, Ismail Önder Uysal, Suphi Müderris, Sahende Elagöz
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Spectrum of facial paralysis in chronic suppurative otitis media p. 92
Shyam S Kumar, Alok Thakar
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Bilateral facial (VII) and vestibulocochlear (VIII) nerves palsy: What is the cause? p. 95
Vanita Sarin, Baldev Singh, Vanika Anand, Jaskaran Singh
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Intradiploic epidermoid tumor of temporal bone X-ray, CT, MR Imaging p. 98
Shibani Mehra, Garga Umesh Chandra, Suresh Kumar
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Chronic fungal rhinosinusitis due to Aspergillus versicolor p. 103
Dnyaneshwari P Ghadage, Rupali J Mali, Archana B Wankhade, Arvind V Bhore
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Mycobacterium fortuitum otitis media: Diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma p. 106
Navneeta Gangwar, Ramaswamy Balakrishnan, Dipak Ranjan Nayak
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