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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2015| March-April  | Volume 25 | Issue 2  

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Chronic kidney disease in disadvantaged populations p. 65
G Garcia-Garcia, V Jha
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Hepatocyte nuclear factor-1β: A regulator of kidney development and cystogenesis p. 70
V Singh, SK Singla, V Jha, V Puri, S Puri
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Maternal, fetal and renal outcomes of pregnancy-associated acute kidney injury requiring dialysis p. 77
A Krishna, R Singh, N Prasad, A Gupta, D Bhadauria, A Kaul, RK Sharma, D Kapoor
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Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis in renal allografts: Is it possible to diagnose the etiology? p. 82
S Radha, T Afroz, Ch R Prasad, G Sridhar, KG Rajaram, S Reddy
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Acute kidney injury in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection p. 86
J Prakash, T Gupta, S Prakash, SS Rathore, Usha , S Sunder
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Single dose rasburicase in the management of tumor lysis syndrome in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A case series p. 91
SM Latha, D Krishnaprasadh, P Murugapriya, JX Scott
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Prevalence and dynamics of cytomegalovirus infection among patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis p. 95
T Vilibic-Cavlek, B Kolaric, S Ljubin-Sternak, M Kos, B Kaic, G Mlinaric-Galinovic
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Collapsing glomerulopathy following anabolic steroid use in a 16-year-old boy with IgA nephropathy p. 99
SM Matthai, G Basu, S Varughese, AB Pulimood, T Veerasamy, A Korula
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Hypokalemic paralysis due to thyrotoxicosis accompanied by Gitelman's syndrome p. 103
S Baldane, SH Ipekci, S Celik, A Gundogdu, L Kebapcilar
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Heavy and Light chain amyloidosois presenting as complete heart block: A rare presentation of a rare disease p. 106
PS Priyamvada, S Morkhandikar, BH Srinivas, S Parameswaran
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Successful salvage of thrombosed arterio-venous fistula with thrombolytic therapy using tissue plasminogen activator p. 110
S Parameswaran, S Satheesh, S Morkhandikar, V Shankar, R Jayasurya, RK Padhi, PS Priyamvada, RP Swaminathan
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Immunoglobulin G4-related tubulointerstitial nephritis associated with interstitial pulmonary disease: Report of a case with review of literature p. 113
M Saravanan, S Alexander, SM Matthai, A Korula, S Varughese, V Tamilarasi
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Severe peritonitis caused by Citrobacter freundii and successful treatment with double antibiotic coverage p. 117
A Kataria, E Saad
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Light chain proximal tubulopathy with cast nephropathy in a case of multiple myeloma p. 119
KK Gowda, K Joshi, R Nada, R Ramachandran, M Sachdeva
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Obstructive uropathy: Is it always urolithiasis? p. 123
V Jain, B Sureka, K Bansal, A Arora
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Expanding the living renal donor pool by using a horseshoe kidney p. 124
S Kumar, DK Agarwal, S Guleria, P Pushkar
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Tubercular constrictive pericarditis after renal transplantation p. 125
A Anitha, V Siddini, HS Ballal
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Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio in aute renal failure p. 126
E Erdem
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Membranous nephropathy associated with the use of levodopa-carbidopa combination p. 127
V Chaitanya, B Sangeetha, VN Madhav Rao, R Ram, B Vengamma, V Siva Kumar
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