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Radiation Protection and Environment

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2018| January-March  | Volume 41 | Issue 1  

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Guest editorial p. 1
N Nagaiah
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Concentration of uranium in groundwater and its correlation with the gamma activity of primordial radionuclides in the bedrock samples: A study from northeastern part of Bengaluru city, India p. 3
Gladys Mathews, N Nagaiah, MB Karthik Kumar, MR Ambika, N Karunakara, BC Prabhakar
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Study on influence of soil and atmospheric parameters on radon/thoron exhalation rate in the Bangalore University campus, Bengaluru p. 8
MB Karthik Kumar, N Nagaiah, Gladys Mathews, MR Ambika
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Spatial distribution of fallout 137Cs in the marine environment of Kudankulam and its comparison with Indian and Asia-Pacific regional seawater p. 12
B Vijayakumar, G Thomas, BS Selvi, PM Ravi, RM Tripathi
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Tritium concentration in ambient air around Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant p. 16
Srinivas S Kamath, B Narayana, Renita Shiny D'Souza, Rashmi Nayak, MP Mohan, BN Dileep, A Baburajan, PM Ravi, N Karunakara
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Measurement of ambient gamma radiation levels and radon concentration in drinking water of Koppa and Narasimharajapura taluks of Chikmagalur district, Karnataka, India p. 20
E Srinivasa, DR Rangaswamy, S Suresh, K Umesh Reddy, J Sannappa
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Optimization of reagent concentration for radioiodination of rat C-peptide II in development of radioimmunoassay procedure for rats p. 26
BR Manupriya, Shalaka Paradkar, Lathika , Shrikant L Patil, HM Somashekarappa, Bhasker K Shenoy
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Fast Fourier Transform power spectrum of radon activity p. 30
K Charan Kumar, T Rajendra Prasad, M Venkat Ratnam, Kamsali Nagaraja
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Natural radionuclide concentration in Hassan district of South India p. 37
BG Jagadeesha, Y Narayana
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Spectral gamma ray logging: A cost-effective method for uranium exploration p. 42
G Jegannathan, V Veluswamy, B Ram Mohan Reddy, Pravin Kumar Sharma
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Radioactive disequilibrium in uranium series of core samples from Rasimalai and Pakkanadu areas of Tamil Nadu, India p. 47
V Madhavi Shankar, Taru Bhattacharya, B Ram Mohan Reddy, P Sahoo, Pravin Kumar Sharma
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Assessment of natural radioactivity levels due to 238U, 232Th, and 40K in the soil samples of Raichur district, Karnataka, India p. 51
S Rajesh, BR Kerur
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Note on the 33rd Indian Association for Radiation Protection International Conference-2018 p. 55
MS Kulkarni, DD Rao
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