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Journal of the Scientific Society

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2012| September-December  | Volume 39 | Issue 3  

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Stress in clinicians p. 107
Ashok Godhi
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Preventive practices against Hepatitis B: A cross-sectional study among nursing students of Kathmandu, Nepal p. 109
Dillee P Paudel, Shree K Prajapati, Damaru P Paneru
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Study of functional outcome of humerus shaft fracture in adults treated with dynamic compression plating p. 114
Sameer M Haveri, D Maheswarappa
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Laparoscopic incisional hernia repair: Polyester versus Polytetraflouroethylene mesh p. 118
Adil Bangash, Mohammad Khan Wazir
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Carpal tunnel syndrome: Assessment of correlation between clinical, neurophysiological and ultrasound characteristics p. 124
B Hemeshwar Rao, Makandar Kutub, Santhosh D Patil
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Mortality pattern of burn patients admitted in S. G. M. Hospital Rewa: A teaching institute of central India p. 130
S Lal, GK Yadav, Rachna Gupta, GP Shrivastava, S Singh, Jayanta Bain
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Assessment of the level of stress and coping strategies among patients with coronary artery disease p. 136
Madisetty Bhagyalakshmi, Banda Venkata Ramana, Hema Suresh, Jaya Mohan Raj
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Histoid leprosy: Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis p. 141
Sunita Y Patil, Rajeev A Malipatil
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Rare case of giant broad ligament fibroid with myxoid degeneration p. 144
RR Godbole, KS Lakshmi, Kabbur Vasant
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Chondrolipoma of breast: A case report with the review of the literature p. 147
S Sudhamani, Ajita A Pandit, VM Kiri
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Appendiceal mucocele: A rare presentation p. 149
Basavaraj M Kajagar, Siddharth Chacko, Utkarsh Gupta, VB Dhaded, A Himanshu
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An unusual case of extra-abdominal desmoid tumour of the finger p. 152
V Navaneeth, R Vaithianathan, R Santhanam
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Giant cell tumour of extensor tendon sheath: Preventing recurrence p. 155
SS Shirol, Apoorv Jain, Kedareshwar , Geeta Nimbaragi
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Current scientific information on rehabilitative tongue therapy: An overview on dental perspective p. 158
Prince Kumar, Asha Raj, Ashish Khattar, Roshni Goel
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