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Asian Journal of Transfusion Science

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2010| July-December  | Volume 4 | Issue 2  

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Transfusion transmitted infections: How many more? p. 71
Nabajyoti Choudhury
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Transfusion-transmitted parasitic infections p. 73
Gagandeep Singh, Rakesh Sehgal
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Transfusion-associated immunomodulation: Quantitative changes in cytokines as a measure of immune responsiveness after one time blood transfusion in neurosurgery patients p. 78
Prashant Pandey, Rajendra Chaudhary, Amita Aggarwal, Raj Kumar, Dheeraj Khetan, Anupam Verma
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Standardization of B19 IgG ELISA to study the seroepidemiology of parvovirus B19 in North Indian voluntary blood donors p. 86
Janak Kishore, Manisha Srivastava, Nabjyoti Choudhary
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Seroprevalence of HBV and HCV in blood donors: A study from regional blood transfusion services of Nepal p. 91
BR Tiwari, P Ghimire, SR Kandel, M Rajkarnikar
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Study on effectiveness of transfusion program in thalassemia major patients receiving multiple blood transfusions at a transfusion centre in Western India p. 94
Neeraj Shah, Anupa Mishra, Dhaval Chauhan, C Vora, NR Shah
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Clinical and cytogenetic analysis of human anemias from Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir state p. 99
Upma , Parvinder Kumar, TR Raina, Kuldeep Sharma, Subash Gupta
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Effects of plasma viscosity modulation on cardiac function during moderate hemodilution p. 102
Surapong Chatpun, Pedro Cabrales
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A new donor system for the patients with thalassemia: "Blood mother and blood father" p. 109
Duran Canatan, Ahmet Ozsancak
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Pre-donation deferral of blood donors in South Indian set-up: An analysis p. 112
P Sundar, SK Sangeetha, DM Seema, P Marimuthu, N Shivanna
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Whole blood donor deferral analysis at a center in Western India p. 116
Naveen Agnihotri
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The evaluation of iron deficiency and anemia in male blood donors with other related factors p. 123
Vahid Yousefinejad, Nazila Darvishi, Masoumeh Arabzadeh, Masoumeh Soori, Mahtab Magsudlu, Madjid Shafiayan
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An audit of fresh frozen plasma usage and effect of fresh frozen plasma on the pre-transfusion international normalized ratio p. 128
SA Shinagare, NN Angarkar, SR Desai, MR Naniwadekar
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Allergic contact dermatitis to antiseptic medicated dressing applied on phlebotomy site p. 133
Hari Krishan Dhawan, Satyam Arora, Suchet Sachdev, RR Sharma, Neelam Marwaha
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Transfusion-related acute lung injury p. 134
Ramakant Dixit, Sidharth Sharma, AR Parmez
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HB E/β0 Thalassemia can present with normal phenotype p. 134
Ranabir Pal, Subrata Bagchi, Sumit Kar, Shrayan Pal
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Study of prevalence of Human T cell lymphoma virus-I/II in West India blood donors and high risk persons p. 135
Amit Agrawal, BH Parmar, MD Gajjar, NM Bhatnagar
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Cold autoimmune hemolytic anemia resolved by rituximab p. 136
Massimiliano Palombi, Pasquale Niscola, Alessio Pio Perrotti, Paolo de Fabritiis
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Heparin induced thrombocytopenia-type 2 p. 137
Tanveer A Majeed
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Weak D prevalence among Indian blood donors p. 137
RN Makroo, Vimarsh Raina, Mohit Chowdhry, Aakanksha Bhatia, Richa Gupta, NL Rosamma
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Use of rapid detection tests to prevent transfusion-transmitted malaria in India p. 140
Shalini Bahadur, Meenu Pujani, Manjula Jain
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