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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2009| May-June  | Volume 41 | Issue 3  

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Small journal vs. high impact journal: Dilemma of a new author p. 95
DK Sahu
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Adenosine and adenosine receptors: Newer therapeutic perspective p. 97
S Manjunath, Pranavkumar M Sakhare
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Disposition kinetics of sparfloxacin in healthy, hepatopathic, and nephropathic conditions in chicken after single intravenous administration p. 106
MK Bhar, S Khargharia, AK Chakraborty, TK Mandal
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Hepatoprotective activity of petroleum ether, diethyl ether, and methanol extract of Scoparia dulcis L. against CCl4-induced acute liver injury in mice p. 110
TK Praveen, S Dharmaraj, Jitendra Bajaj, SP Dhanabal, S Manimaran, MJ Nanjan, Rema Razdan
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Brahma Rasayana enhances in vivo antioxidant status in cold-stressed chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) p. 115
V Ramnath, PS Rekha
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Hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory activities of Plantago major L. p. 120
Idris Turel, Hanefi Ozbek, Remzi Erten, Ahmet Cihat Oner, Nureddin Cengiz, Orhan Yilmaz
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Effect of atorvastatin and hydroxychloroquine combination on blood glucose in alloxan-induced diabetic rats p. 125
Anil Pareek, PG Yeole, CR Tenpe, Nitin Chandurkar, Ravikiran Payghan
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Vibriocidal activity of certain medicinal plants used in Indian folklore medicine by tribals of Mahakoshal region of central India p. 129
Anjana Sharma, Virendra Kumar Patel, Animesh Navin Chaturvedi
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Effect of Ocimum sanctum, ascorbic acid, and verapamil on macrophage function and oxidative stress in mice exposed to cocaine p. 134
SK Bhattacharya, N Rathi, P Mahajan, AK Tripathi, KR Paudel, GP Rauniar, BP Das
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Mechanisms of potentiation of Angiotensin II-induced contractile response of isolated rat aorta by hydrogen peroxide and tert-butyryl hydroperoxide p. 140
RJ Patel, PD Patel, MM Patel, NJ Patel, B Thyagarajan
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Role of central muscarinic cholinergic receptors in the formalin-induced pain in rats p. 144
Ali Mojtahedin, Esmaeal Tamaddonfard, Ali Zanbouri
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Diagnostic dilemma in a child with congenital heart disease on sildenafil p. 148
Syed Ahmed Zaki, Deepak Dadge, Shujaath Asif, Preeti Shanbag
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