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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology

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2009| May-August  | Volume 13 | Issue 2  

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The first word p. 63
D Arunachalam
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Anticytokine therapy for periodontal diseases: Where are we now? p. 64
Yogesh Prakash Waykole, SS Doiphode, PS Rakhewar, Maya Mhaske
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Evaluation of C-reactive protein and interleukin-6 in the peripheral blood of patients with chronic periodontitis p. 69
Dhruva Kumar Gani, Deepa Lakshmi, Rama Krishnan, Pamela Emmadi
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Estimation of nitric oxide as an inflammatory marker in periodontitis p. 75
KB Menaka, Amitha Ramesh, Biju Thomas, N Suchetha Kumari
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Effect of a controlled release device containing minocycline microspheres on the treatment of chronic periodontitis: A comparative study p. 79
V Gopinath, T Ramakrishnan, Pamela Emmadi, N Ambalavanan, Biju Mammen, Vijayalakshmi
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Alterations of the marginal soft tissue (gingival margin) following periodontal therapy: A clinical study p. 85
Ira Gupta, KL Vandana
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Osteoporosis: "A risk factor for periodontitis" p. 90
Rekha Rani Koduganti, Chandana Gorthi, P Veerendranath Reddy, N Sandeep
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Management of an endo perio lesion in a maxillary canine using platelet-rich plasma concentrate and an alloplastic bone substitute p. 97
Sangeeta Singh
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Coverage of gingival recession using tunnel connective tissue graft technique p. 101
Nitin Khuller
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Gingival tuberculosis p. 106
Sanjeev Jain, Bharti Vipin, Pankaj Khurana
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Unilateral gingival fibromatosis with localized aggressive periodontitis (involving first molars): An unusual case report p. 109
Sharn Pal Sandhu, Vipin Kakar, Guneet Gogia, SC Narula
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