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Industrial Psychiatry Journal

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2014| July-December  | Volume 23 | Issue 2  

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Virtual reality applications in mental health: Challenges and perspectives p. 83
Kalpana Srivastava, RC Das, S Chaudhury
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Mental health of survivors of 1984 Bhopal disaster: A continuing challenge p. 86
R Srinivasa Murthy
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Psychological interventions in pervasive developmental disorder: An overview p. 94
Shuvabrata Poddar, Noufal T Hameed, Jyoti Mishra Pandey, Sayantanava Mitra, Urbi Mukherjee
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Psychiatric morbidity in elderly patients attending OPD of tertiary care centre in western region of Nepal p. 101
Prakash Thapa, Prasanta K Chakraborty, Jai B Khattri, Krishnamurthy Ramesh, Bhaskkar Sharma
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Inclination to speeding and its correlates among two-wheeler riding Indian youth p. 105
Rajeev J Michael, Manoj K Sharma, Seema Mehrotra, Humera Banu, Rajesh Kumar, Paulomi M Sudhir, Neelima Chakrabarthy
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Cross-sectional study of self-reported ADHD symptoms and psychological comorbidity among college students in Chandigarh, India p. 111
Ishani Jhambh, Priti Arun, Jasmin Garg
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Psychological profile of women with infertility: A comparative study p. 117
Shuvabrata Poddar, Nilanjana Sanyal, Urbi Mukherjee
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Oxidative stress and psychological functioning among medical students p. 127
Rani Srivastava, Jyoti Batra
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A study of sociodemographic clinical and glycemic control factors associated with co-morbid depression in type 2 diabetes mellitus p. 134
Hritu Singh, M. S. V. K. Raju, Vaibhav Dubey, Ravindra Kurrey, Shaifali Bansal, Mustafa Malik
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Study of attitude of interns toward psychiatry: A survey of a tertiary level hospital in Ahmedabad p. 143
Nimesh C Parikh, Prateek S Sharma, Pradhyuman J Chaudhary, Hitendra A Gandhi, Girish H Banwari
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Psychological aspects of peacekeeping operations p. 149
M. S. V. K. Raju
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Management challenges in a case of gender identity disorder p. 157
Anubhav Rathi, Manjeet Singh Bhatia
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Seasonal obsessive-compulsive disorder p. 160
Prakriti Sinha, Ajay Kumar Bakhla, Ashok Kumar Patnaik, Suprakash Chaudhury
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Catatonia versus neuroleptic malignant syndrome: the diagnostic dilemma and treatment p. 163
Manoj Kumar Sahoo, Sanjay Agarwal, Harshita Biswas
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The efficacy of electroencephalogram neurofeedback training in cognition, anxiety, and depression in alcohol dependence syndrome: A case study p. 166
Tulika Ghosh, Masroor Jahan, Amool R Singh
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Delusion of dhat: The quandary of the form-content dichotomy! p. 171
Suravi Patra, Ajeet Sidana, Nitin Gupta
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