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Medical Journal of Babylon

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2018| April-June  | Volume 15 | Issue 2  

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Model of protein isoforms analysis by aqueous two-phase systems: Methodology importance in clinical biochemistry and biopharmaceutical production p. 107
Rana M Hameed
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Dental health of osteopenia diabetes mellitus male patients p. 118
Anass Muez AL-Yasiry
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Levels of cytokines profile in polycystic ovary syndrome p. 124
Shafaq H. Hussein Al-Musawy, Ihsan E Al-Saimary, Maysoon Sherif Flaifil
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Early outcome of surgical intervention of esophageal atresia and tracheo-esophageal fistula in erbil pediatric surgical center p. 129
Najat Abdulkadr Hamad, Hawkar Abdullah Kak-Ahmed, Nooraddin Ismail Allaquli
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Association of sFas and sFas ligand with progression of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Basrah province p. 135
Saja Majid Hamid, Wafaa Sadoon Shani
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Assessment of psychosocial status and spiritual beliefs of a sample of infertile men in Baghdad City/Iraq p. 139
Mohammad Abdulbaqi Abdulmohsin
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Increased transforming growth factor-β and interleukin-17 transcripts in peripheral blood of breast cancer patients with different clinical stages p. 145
Hadeel Saleem Touma, Wafaa Sadoon Shani
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Associated clinical manifestations and self-management approaches of primary dysmenorrhea among adolescent students in Erbil City, Iraq p. 150
Awaz Aziz Saeed
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Obsessive-Compulsive symptoms among clients attending psychiatric outpatients' clinic in Duhok p. 155
Salim Saadi Miho Alhakem, Tamara AbdAlwahab Ibraheem, Alaa Noori Sarkees
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Evaluation of 80 cases of anterior cruciate ligament arthroscopic reconstruction done in Al-Wasity Teaching Hospital, Baghdad p. 160
Zaid Ali Jasim Shaban, Dhafer Fouad Al-Baher, Hadi Kareem Hadi
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Knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding diabetic mellitus among a sample of students at technical institute of Karbala p. 164
Ali Abd Al-Latif G. Mohammed, Ali Neamah Hasan Al-Aaragi, Mohammed Abdulridha Merzah
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Correlation between non-high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol and the degree of glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus p. 169
Abdulazeez Sulaiman Safo
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Correlation of elevated cardiac troponin T level with severity and in-hospital outcomes in patients with acute ischemic stroke p. 174
Salam Naser Zangana, Abdulkareem A Al-Othman, Azad Anwar Hamad
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Prolactin serum levels and breast cancer: Relationships with hematological factors among cases in Karbala Province, Iraq p. 178
Jaafar Khalaf Ali, Salim Hussein Hassan, Mohammed A Merzah
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Arabic websites relevant to patient information about spinal cord injury: Characteristics and quality assessment using the DISCERN tool p. 182
Mohamed H Elshahidi
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Effect of scaling and root planing on salivary alkaline phosphatase and acid phosphatase in patients with chronic periodontitis p. 186
Chenar Anwar Mohammad, Hozan Wrya Aziz
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Doppler ultrasound hemodynamic assessment in preeclampsia p. 191
Azad Saleem Hassan, Maysaloon Shaman Saeed
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Pattern of cancer: Comparison of risk in Basrah with national pattern p. 195
Omran S Habib, Wasan M J. Al-Elwe
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