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European Journal of General Dentistry

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2012| May-August  | Volume 1 | Issue 2  

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Who produces the evidence? p. 73
Ivar Espelid
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Role of tissue engineering in dental pulp regeneration p. 74
Shruti Sial, Sunit Kumar Jurel, Raghuwar D Singh, Durga S Gupta, Mayank Singh
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Effect of sodium bicarbonate air abrasive polishing on resistance to sliding during tooth alignment and leveling: An in vitro study p. 78
Jorge C. B. L. Filho, Andressa V Consolmagno, Cristiano M de Araújo, Marcel D Brunet, Edvaldo A. R. Rosa, Orlando M Tanaka
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Assessment of smile architecture and pink aesthetics: A successful methodology in cosmetic dentistry p. 85
Shital Hungund, Dhwani Gohil, Rakesh Mishra
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Multiple regenerative techniques for class II furcation defect p. 90
Pushpendra Kumar Verma, Ruchi Srivastava, Anju Gautam, TP Chaturvedi
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Restoration of tooth fractures using fiber post and fragment reattachment: Three case reports p. 94
Sefika Nur Akyuz, Ali Erdemir
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Forced eruption for all four maxillary incisors prior to implant rehabilitation p. 99
Gerson Luiz Ulema Ribeiro, José Vinicius Bolognesi Maciel, Juliana da Silva Pereira, Orlando Motohiro Tanaka
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Similar caries pattern in monozygotic twins: Role of nature and/or nurture p. 104
Anshula Deshpande, Neeraj Deshpande
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Granular cell ameloblastoma: A diagnostic dilemma for histopathologist p. 109
Vijaykumar G Biradar, Rahul G Latturiya, Surekha V Biradar
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Crown fragment reattachment in anterior-fractured tooth: A five-year follow-up p. 112
Josué Martos, Clarissa D Koller, Luiz F. M. Silveira, João B Cesar-Neto
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Translating discoveries of research into general practice: Need of the hour p. 116
Lata Goyal, ND Gupta, Vivek K Sharma
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Reference guide for prosthetic occlusal plane orientation: An obscured dilemma p. 120
Prince Kumar, Jyoti Rastogi, Saurabh Rastogi, Roshni Goel
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Impact factor - the reputation gauge of the journals: An overview p. 121
Prince Kumar, Saurabh Rastogi, Ashish Kumar, Roshni Goel
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