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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology

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2013| March-April  | Volume 17 | Issue 2  

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Our instructions, your intentions and our combined expectations…Is there a perfect article?? p. 153
Ashish Sham Nichani
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Building on a solid foundation… p. 154
Santhosh Sreedhar
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Putting the best foot forward p. 155
Balaji Manohar
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Gene therapy in periodontics p. 156
Anirban Chatterjee, Nidhi Singh, Mini Saluja
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Systemic anti-microbial agents used in periodontal therapy p. 162
Vishakha Patil, Rohini Mali, Amita Mali
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Is immunesenescence a contributing factor for periodontal diseases? p. 169
Maheaswari Rajendran, V Priyadharshini, Gaurav Arora
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A new classification system for gingival and palatal recession p. 175
Ashish Kumar, Sujata Surendra Masamatti
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Drug-induced gingival overgrowth: The nemesis of gingiva unravelled p. 182
Vipin Bharti, Chhaya Bansal
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The effect of MTAD, an endodontic irrigant, on fibroblast attachment to periodontally affected root surfaces: A SEM analysis p. 188
Mostafa Ghandi, Behzad Houshmand, Mohammad H Nekoofar, Rachel K Tabor, Zahra Yadeghari, Paul M. H. Dummer
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Efficacy of a commercially available multi-herbal formulation in periodontal therapy p. 193
A Suchetha, Ashit G Bharwani
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Green tea extract as a local drug therapy on periodontitis patients with diabetes mellitus: A randomized case-control study p. 198
Jayaprakash S Gadagi, Vijay K Chava, Venkata Ramesh Reddy
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Evaluation of the efficacy of green tea catechins as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the management of chronic periodontitis using PCR analysis: A clinical and microbiological study p. 204
Sanjeevini A Hattarki, SP Pushpa, Kishore Bhat
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Evaluation of the association between chronic periodontitis and acute coronary syndrome: A case control study p. 210
Amitha Ramesh, Biju Thomas, Amita Rao
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Chromogranin A: Novel biomarker between periodontal disease and psychosocial stress p. 214
Arunima Padmakumar Reshma, Rajeev Arunachalam, Jayakumar Kochu Pillai, Sarath Babu Kurra, Vini K Varkey, Mohanraj J Prince
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A study to evaluate mobility of teeth during menstrual cycle using Periotest p. 219
Poonam Mishra, PP Marawar, Girish Byakod, Jyoti Mohitey, Sunil S Mishra
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A need to educate postmenopausal women of their periodontal health p. 225
Leena Palomo, Rajeev Chitguppi, Maria Clarinda Buencamino, Dwetta Santos, Holly Thacker
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Clinical evaluation of porous hydroxyapatite bone graft (Periobone G) with and without collagen membrane (Periocol) in the treatment of bilateral grade II furcation defects in mandibular first permanent molars p. 228
Sruthy Prathap, Shashikanth Hegde, Rajesh Kashyap, MS Prathap, MS Arunkumar
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Periodontal management of gingival enlargement associated with Sturge-Weber syndrome p. 235
Sugumari Elavarasu, S Thanga Kumaran, PK Sasi Kumar
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Intramucosal melanotic nevi - A case report of an unusual gingival enlargement p. 239
Jyoti Agrawal
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Long term follow up of idiopathic gingival enlargement associated with chronic periodontitis: A case report and review p. 242
Girish P Nagarale, S Ravindra, Srinath Thakur, Swati Setty
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Gingival enlargement as an early diagnostic indicator in therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia: A rare case report and review of literature p. 248
Triveni M Gowda, Raison Thomas, Shruthi M Shanmukhappa, Garima Agarwal, Dhoom S Mehta
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Periodontal manifestations of von Recklinghausen neuro fibromatosis p. 253
Bhavya Shetty, Y Umesh, K Kranti, Hema Seshan
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Cryosurgery by tetrafluoroethane: An answer to black gums p. 257
Manoj Kumar, Prasanta Bandyopadhyay, Debabrata Kundu, Lora Mishra
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A novel approach in root coverage - Coronally repositioned flap with GTR membrane and frenotomy p. 261
Veena Ashok Patil, Shivakumar Thirthappa Patil
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Vestibular deepening by periosteal fenestration and its use as a periosteal pedicle flap for root coverage p. 265
Jaisika Rajpal, Krishna K Gupta, Ruchi Srivastava, Aakash Arora
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