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Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

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2013| July-September  | Volume 7 | Issue 3  

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Sedation spectrum in endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: Continuous adaptation is the way forward p. 225
Hemlata Kapoor
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Non-invasive fluid responsiveness monitoring: Patients selection considerations p. 227
Patrice Forget
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Effects of tranexamic acid during endoscopic sinsus surgery in children p. 229
Ahmed A Eldaba, Yasser Mohamed Amr, Osama A Albirmawy
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Effect of hypercapnia on pleth variability index during stable propofol: Remifentanil anesthesia p. 234
Wesam Farid Mousa
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Duration of one-lung ventilation stage, POSSUM value and the quality of post-operative analgesia significantly affect survival and length of stay on intensive care unit of patients undergoing two-stage esophagectomy p. 238
Yasin Said AlMakadma, Tamer Hunein Riad, Ismaei I Ayad, Tamer Hussein Ibrahim
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A comparison of Truview EVO2 laryngoscope with Macintosh laryngoscope in routine airway management: A randomized crossover clinical trial p. 244
Suman Arora, Huma Sayeed, Neerja Bhardwaj
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Comparative study of intrathecal hyperbaric versus isobaric ropivacaine: A randomized control trial p. 249
Rajni Gupta, Jaishri Bogra, Prithvi Kumar Singh, Sulekha Saxena, Girish Chandra, Jitendra Kumar Kushwaha
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Comparison of the antiemetic effect of ramosetron with the combination of dexamethasone and ondansetron in middle ear surgery: A double-blind, randomized clinical study p. 254
Sameer Desai, M. C. B. Santosh, Rashmi Annigeri, VB Santoshi, Raghavendra Rao
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Outpatient endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: Safety and efficacy of anesthetic management with a natural airway in 653 consecutive procedures p. 259
Basavana G Goudra, Preet Mohinder Singh, Ashish C Sinha
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Propofol for laryngeal mask airway insertion in children: Effect of two different doses p. 266
Mahin Seyedhejazi, Mahmoud Eydi, Morteza Ghojazadeh, Aref Nejati, Kamyar Ghabili, Samad EJ Golzari, Afshin Iranpour
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Dynamics of brain natriuretic peptide in critically ill patients with severe sepsis and septic shock p. 270
Amr S Omar, Masood ur Rahman, Gurdeep S Dhatt, Gubril O Salami, Said Abuhasna
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Does the Maslach Burnout Inventory correlate with cognitive performance in anesthesia practitioners? A pilot study p. 277
Eleonora Francesca Orena, Dario Caldiroli, Paolo Cortellazzi
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The effect of addition of intrathecal clonidine to hyperbaric bupivacaine on postoperative pain after lower segment caesarean section: A randomized control trial p. 283
Ranju Singh, Deepti Gupta, Aruna Jain
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Opioid therapy in non-cancer chronic pain patients: Trends and efficacy in different types of pain, patients age and gender p. 291
Yasin S AlMakadma, Karen Simpson
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Prevention of sevoflurane related emergence agitation in children undergoing adenotonsillectomy: A comparison of dexmedetomidine and propofol p. 296
Monaz Abdulrahman Ali, Ashraf Abualhasan Abdellatif
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Prophylactic administration of recombinant activated factor VII in coronary revascularization surgery p. 301
Mohamed Essam Abdel-Meguid
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Efficacy of diltiazem as an adjunct to lignocaine in intravenous regional anesthesia p. 305
Puneet Khanna, Virender Kumar Mohan, Rani Achanpa Sunder
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Survival rate in patients after sudden cardiac arrest at the university hospital of northern Norway treated with or without opioids: A retrospective evaluation p. 310
Vladimir Kuklin
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Melatonin in perioperative medicine: Current perspective p. 315
Souvik Maitra, Dalim Kumar Baidya, Puneet Khanna
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Tapentadol hydrochloride: A novel analgesic p. 322
Dewan Roshan Singh, Kusha Nag, Akshaya N Shetti, N Krishnaveni
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Bronchoscopy as a rescue therapy in patients with status asthmaticus: Two case reports and review of literature p. 327
Muhammad Faisal Khan, Hadil A Al Otair, Alaa F Elgishy, Abdulaziz Hamad Alzeer
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Fatal pulmonary embolism subsequent to the use of Esmarch bandage and tourniquet: A case report and review of literature p. 331
Sameer Desai, PG Prashantha, SV Torgal, R Rao
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Perioperative care of a patient with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses p. 336
Hiromi Kako, David P Martin, Joseph D Tobias
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Right hypoglossal nerve paralysis after tracheal intubation for aesthetic breast surgery p. 341
Sammy Al-Benna
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A simple solution to unexpected kinking of endotracheal tube p. 344
Mansoor Aqil, Abdulhamid Al-Saeed
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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in undiagnosed situs inversus totalis in emergency department: An intensivist challenge p. 347
Sukhen Samanta, Sujay Samanta, Tanmoy Ghatak
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Obstetric use of nitroglycerin: Anesthetic implications p. 350
Richa Saroa, Shikha Sachan, Sanjeev Palta, Satinder Gombar, Nitika Sahai
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Airway management in patient with retropharyngeal cerebrospinal fluid collection with pre-existing multiple airway problems p. 353
Tumul Chowdhury, Prakashen Govender
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Anesthesia for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome: A report of two cases p. 354
Viraj Namshikar, Sidhesh Bharne
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Severe bradycardia during scalp nerve block in patient undergoing awake craniotomy p. 356
Tumul Chowdhury, Ken Baron, Ronald B Cappellani
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Are we responsible for the dizzy operating surgeon? p. 357
Jyotsna Punj, V Darlong, R Pandey
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Reinforced endotracheal tube: A life threatening experience in intensive care unit p. 358
Rachna Wadhwa, Gaurav Dhakate, Geetanjali Chilkoti
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Use of a new curved forceps for McGrath MAC TM video laryngoscope to remove a foreign body causing airway obstruction p. 360
Akihiro Suzuki, Akihito Tampo, Takayuki Kunisawa, John J Henderson
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