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Noise and Health

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2016| November-December  | Volume 18 | Issue 85  

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Detection of auditory signals in quiet and noisy backgrounds while performing a visuo-spatial task p. 283
Vishakha W Rawool
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Early indication of noise-induced hearing loss from PMP use in adolescents: A cross-sectional analysis p. 288
Diana C Colon, Ulla Verdugo-Raab, Carmelo P Alvarez, Thomas Steffens, Steven C Marcrum, Stefanie Kolb, Caroline Herr, Dorothee Twardella
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Acute acoustic trauma in the French armed forces during 2007–2014 p. 297
Doris R Medina-Garin, Aissata Dia, Gabriel Bedubourg, Xavier Deparis, Franck Berger, Remy Michel
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The viability of hearing protection device fit-testing at navy and marine corps accession points p. 303
Jeremy Federman, Christon Duhon
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Application of the online hearing screening test “Earcheck”: Speech intelligibility in noise in teenagers and young adults p. 312
Marya Sheikh Rashid, Monique C.J. Leensen, Wouter A Dreschler
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Parametric method for the noise risk assessment of professional orchestral musicians p. 319
Matteo Bo, Marina Clerico, Federica Pognant
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Tram squealing noise and its impact on human health p. 329
Eva Panulinova, Slávka Harabinová, Lubica Argalášová
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Specific and combined subjective responses to noise and their association with cardiovascular diseases p. 338
Zdenka Vandasova, Ondřej Vencálek, Vladimíra Puklová
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Prevalence of tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss in dentists p. 347
Jamie Myers, Andrew B John, Suzanne Kimball, Terry Fruits
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The risk of occupational injury increased according to severity of noise exposure after controlling for occupational environment status in Korea p. 355
Jin-Ha Yoon, Jaehoon Roh, Chi-Nyon Kim, Jong-Uk Won
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Arterial indices and serum cystatin C level in individuals with occupational wide band noise exposure p. 362
Ali R Khoshdel, Benyamin Mousavi-Asl, Babak Shekarchi, Kazem Amini, Iraj Mirzaii-Dizgah
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Gender differences in use of hearing protection devices among farm operators p. 368
Marjorie C McCullagh, Tanima Banerjee, James J Yang, Janice Bernick, Sonia Duffy, Richard Redman
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Air traffic controllers’ long-term speech-in-noise training effects: A control group study p. 376
Maria T.P. Zaballos, Daniel P Plasencia, María L.Z. González, Angel R de Miguel, Ángel R Macías
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Cigarette- and snus-modified association between unprotected exposure to noise from hunting rifle caliber weapons and high frequency hearing loss. A cross-sectional study among swedish hunters p. 382
Louise Honeth, Peter Ström, Alexander Ploner, Dan Bagger-Sjöbäck, Ulf Rosenhall, Olof Nyrén
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Modeling signal-to-noise ratio of otoacoustic emissions in workers exposed to different industrial noise levels p. 391
Parvin Nassiri, Sajad Zare, Mohammad R Monazzam, Akram Pourbakht, Kamal Azam, Taghi Golmohammadi
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Response to McCunney et al.: Wind turbines and health: An examination of a proposed case definition p. 399
Robert Y McMurtry, Carmen M. E. Krogh
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