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Journal of Medical Physics

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2009| July-September  | Volume 34 | Issue 3  

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Preface to the Special Issue p. 107
AS Pradhan
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Advances in radiation therapy dosimetry p. 108
Bhudatt Paliwal, Dinesh Tewatia
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Radiation-based quantitative bioimaging at the national institute of standards and technology p. 117
Lisa R Karam
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Advances in multimodality molecular imaging p. 122
Habib Zaidi, Rameshwar Prasad
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Optimization of beam angles for intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment planning using genetic algorithm on a distributed computing platform p. 129
Daryl P Nazareth, Stephen Brunner, Matthew D Jones, Harish K Malhotra, Mohammad Bakhtiari
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The role of Cobalt-60 in modern radiation therapy: Dose delivery and image guidance p. 133
L John Schreiner, Chandra P Joshi, Johnson Darko, Andrew Kerr, Greg Salomons, Sandeep Dhanesar
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Practical and clinical considerations in Cobalt-60 tomotherapy p. 137
Chandra P Joshi, Sandeep Dhanesar, Johnson Darko, Andrew Kerr, PB Vidyasagar, L John Schreiner
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First year experience with newly developed Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™ p. 141
Jagdish P Bhatnagar, Josef Novotny, Ajay Niranjan, Douglas Kondziolka, John Flickinger, Dade Lunsford, M Saiful Huq
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Technique alternatives for breast radiation oncology: Conventional radiation therapy to tomotherapy p. 149
N Fournier-Bidoz, Y Kirova, F Campana, J El Barouky, S Zefkili, R Dendale, MA Bollet, A Mazal, A Fourquet
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Improvement of I'mRT MatriXX in terms of spatial resolution and large area acquisition for patient-specific intensity-modulated radiotherapy verification p. 153
Arun S Oinam, Lakhwant Singh, SC Sharma, Pradeep Goswami
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Target foil rupture scenario and provision for handling different models of medical cyclotrons used in India p. 161
VS Shaiju, SD Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, B Sarin
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Pocket-size solid-state iPOD and flash drives for gigabyte storage, display and transfer of digital medical images: Review and work initiated p. 167
A Sankaran
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Effective atomic numbers and electron density of dosimetric material p. 176
SB Kaginelli, T Rajeshwari, Sharanabasappa , BR Kerur, Anil S Kumar
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Teletherapy sources with imported and indigenous 60 Co activity p. 180
Jain Reji George, Raksha Kushwah, K.V.S Sastry
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Coherent and incoherent scatterings for measurement of mandibular bone density and stable iodine content of tissue p. 182
Amandeep Sharma, Mohinderpal Singh, Bhajan Singh, Balvir S Sandhu
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Verification of tomotherapy dose delivery p. 188
SM Pelagade, BR Paliwal
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