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Indian Journal of Otology

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2015| January-March  | Volume 21 | Issue 1  

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Holistic approach to deafness p. 1
MK Taneja, Sameer Qureshi
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Endolymphatic sac tumor: A temporal rarity revisited p. 5
Anirudh V Nair, CJ Sandya, Srikanth Moorthy, PV Ramachandran, Zuhara Shemin, Annie Jojo
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Audiological evaluation of hearing levels in patients diagnosed with migraine p. 8
Müjde Karadag, Emine Elif Altuntas, Serkan Sanli, Ismail Önder Uysal
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Mapping of pediatric cochlear implant recipients using electrical auditory brainstem responses as a tool p. 14
Ruchika Mittal, AV Ramesh, SS Panwar, Ajith Nilkanthan, VR Sinha, Satish Nair, Poonam Raj
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Role of dynamic slow motion video endoscopy in etiological correlation between eustachian dysfunction and chronic otitis media: A case-control study p. 19
Minal Gupta, Shraddha Jain, Sagar Gaurkar, Prasad T Deshmukh
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The styloid process: Morphological variations in South Indian population p. 25
Roopashri Rajesh Kashyap, Rajesh Shanker Kashyap, Vathsala Naik, Raghavendra Kini
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The impact of hearing loss in the life of adults: A comparison between congenital versus late onset hearing loss p. 29
Swapna Sebastian, Anne Varghese, Mahasampath Gowri
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Efficacy of voice therapy in patient with arytenoid dislocation as a complication of tracheal intubation p. 33
Md Noorain Alam, Deepanshu Gurnani, Vikas Sinha, Nehal Patel, Sachin Jindal, Pawan Sharma
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Our experience of unsafe ear p. 37
Nagendran Navaneethan, Rajprakash Dharmapuri YaadhavaKrishnan, Udhayakumar Muthukumar, Ramasubramaniam Harihara
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Incidental findings on magnetic resonance imaging in patients with tinnitus p. 41
Parmod Kalsotra, Rohan Gupta, Nitika Gupta, Rashmi Sharma, Saurabh Gupta, Ghanshyam Dev Gupta
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Microtia reconstruction with irradiated homograft costal cartilage: A preliminary report p. 47
Alireza Karimi Yazdi, Amin Amali, Farzad Firouzi
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Relationship between Eustachian tube function and location of the perforation in chronic otitis media p. 51
Avick Kumar Das, Himanshu Varshney, Subhradev Biswas, SK Ghosh, Jitendra Varshney
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Rehabilitative challenges in the bilateral aural stenosis post chronic suppurative otitis media surgery: A case study p. 57
Himanshu Verma, Sneha Uttakalika Sah, Madhumita James
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Mucormycosis of the temporal bone with facial nerve palsy: A rare case report p. 61
KN Sathish Kumar, Nishan
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Foreign body of middle ear masquerading cholesteatoma p. 64
Santosh S Garag, Raghunath D Shanbag, S Rashmi, JS Arunkumar
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Bezold's fistula: An unusual presentation of cholesteatoma p. 67
Viresh Arora
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Congenital cholesteatoma of the mastoid process p. 72
Anju Chauhan, Jafferhusein S Sura, Vikram Wadhwa, Samuel Rajan
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Bilateral anotia, congenital heart disease, and facial paralysis: Unusual triad of pearl syndrome p. 75
Nehal Patel, Rashmi Thanvi, Bhavesh Prajapati, Paresh Sathvara
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Cardiac precautions in patient with Jervell and Lange-Nielson syndrome undergoing cochlear implantation p. 78
Vishav Yadav, Kapil Sikka
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