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International Journal of Mycobacteriology

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2017| April-June  | Volume 6 | Issue 2  

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Rapid detection of in vitro antituberculous drug resistance among smear-positive respiratory samples using microcolony detection-based direct drug susceptibility testing method p. 117
Irim Iftikhar, Seema Irfan, Joveria Farooqi, Zahida Azizullah, Rumina Hasan
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Diagnostic performance of genoType® MTBDRplus line probe assay in bronchoalveolar lavage for pulmonary tuberculosis diagnosis in sputum scarce and smear-negative patients p. 122
Farah Idrees, Muhammad Irfan, Kauser Jabeen, Joveria Farooqi, Rumina Hasan
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Atlantoaxial tuberculosis: Outcome analysis p. 127
Srihari Sridharan, Thiruvalluvan Arumugam
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Extrapulmonary tuberculosis in colombian children: Epidemiological and clinical data in a reference hospital p. 132
Eileen Viviana Fonseca Sepulveda, Luisa Fernanda Imbachí Yunda, Kelly Christina Márquez Herrera, German Camacho Moreno
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Molecular typing of Mycobacterium Abscessus isolated from cystic fibrosis patients p. 138
Alberto Trovato, Rossella Baldan, Danila Costa, Tullia M Simonetti, Daniela M Cirillo, Enrico Tortoli
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In silico structure-based drug screening of novel antimycobacterial pharmacophores by DOCK-GOLD tandem screening p. 142
Junichi Taira, Takashi Ito, Hitomi Nakatani, Tomohiro Umei, Hiroki Baba, Shotaro Kawashima, Taira Maruoka, Hideyuki Komatsu, Hiroshi Sakamoto, Shunsuke Aoki
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Cholecalciferol for prophylaxis against antituberculosis therapy-induced liver disorders among naïve patients with pulmonary tuberculosis: A randomized, comparative study p. 149
Ahmad Farooq Alsayed Hasanain, Ali Abdel-Azeem Hasan Zayed, Reem Ezzat Mahdy, Amany Mohamed Adawi Nafee
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Characterization of pyrazinamide resistance in consecutive multidrug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in sweden between 2003 and 2015 p. 156
Mikael Mansjo, Jim Werngren, Sven Hoffner
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Epidemiology of extrapulmonary and disseminated tuberculosis in a tertiary care center in Oman p. 162
Zied Gaifer
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Phenotypic low-level isoniazid resistance as a marker to predict ethionamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis p. 167
Salima Qamar, Joveria Q Farooqi, Kausar Jabeen, Rumina Hasan
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Modified rifampin nanoparticles: Increased solubility with slow release Rate p. 171
Poopak Farnia, Ali Akbar Velayati, Saeed Mollaei, Jalaledin Ghanavi
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Contribution of putative efflux pump genes to isoniazid resistance in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis p. 177
Anshika Narang, Astha Giri, Shraddha Gupta, Kushal Garima, Mridula Bose, Mandira Varma-Basil
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pulmonary tuberculosis: A neglected risk factor for deep venous thrombosis p. 184
Abhishek Gupta, Ramakant Dixit
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The first report of two cases of fatal liver injury due to anti-tuberculosis drugs in the presence of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency p. 187
Shahram Habibzadeh, Jafar Mohammad Shahi, Hassan Ghobadi, Nasrollah Maleki
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Isolated lytic bone lesion in tuberculosis p. 191
Mansoor C Abdulla
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Reactivation pulmonary tuberculosis in two patients treated with pirfenidone p. 193
Mohammad Khan, Majed Alghamdi, Hamdan AL-Jahdali
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Tenosynovitis: An unusual presentation of leprosy p. 196
Sukriti Baveja, Priyanka Borde Bisht, Aradhana Sood
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Death caused by possible unrecognized (too Late Recognized) Mycobacterium gordonae infection in a patient with angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma p. 199
Hrvoje Holik, Ivana Vučinić Ljubičić, Božena Coha
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Disseminated Mycobacterium avium complex in an immunocompetent host p. 202
Joseph M Yabes, Aaron Farmer, Todd Vento
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Tubercular infection of hydatid cyst p. 207
Tushar Patial, Gopal Singh, Digvijay Thakur, Sahil Chaddha
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Performance of light-emitting diode-based fluorescence microscopy to diagnose tuberculosis in a rural hospital of ethiopia p. 210
Ramon Perez-Tanoira, José Manuel Ramos, Laura Prieto-Pérez, Juan Cuadros, Miguel Górgolas
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