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Benha Medical Journal

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2017| July-December  | Volume 34 | Issue 2  

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Serum interleukin-6 concentration and association with response to hepatitis C virus therapy for chronic hepatitis C patients p. 59
Fatma M Abd El Salam, Naglaa E El Toukhy, Amal A Mohamed, Hend A Nekola
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The role of anti-mullerian hormone as an indicator of reproductive health in women with obesity and concomitant polycystic ovary syndrome p. 66
Moharram A Abdel Hay, Seham A El-Berri, Tarek E Sleem, Mohammed I Mohammed, Salwa T Nour El-Deen
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The role of multislice computed tomography in the differential diagnosis of retroperitoneal masses p. 73
Medhat M Reffat, Islam M Elshazly, Ahmed F Mohammed
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Sentinel lymph node assessment by radioactive isotope in early breast cancer patients p. 77
Sherif M Elhadidy, Inas I Abdulhalim, Hassan M Abdulah, Magda E Allam, Dalia H Morad
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Ovarian reserve testing and uterine blood flow assessment using two-dimensional and three-dimensional Doppler in patients with unexplained recurrent miscarriage p. 81
Ahmed M Elewa, Ahmed E.A Mansour, Mahmoud A Gehad, Hosam-Eldin A Afify
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Evaluation of nanogold-beads-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of cryptosporidium antigen in stool samples of diarrheic patients p. 88
Mona E Naser, Mohamed S Younis, Ibrahim R Bayoumi, Maysa A Eraky, Nagwa S Aly, Rabab E.O El Attar
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Flank suspended supine position versus standard supine and prone positions in percutaneous nephrolithotomy p. 93
Salah A El Hamshary, Ehab M El Barky, Mostafa M Mostafa, Ashraf M Abd El Al, Mohammed A Hassanine
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Prevalence of sensitization to mould and yeast allergens in Egyptian patients with respiratory allergy p. 98
Nabil E Khatab, Atef A Ibrahim, Maged M Refaat, Mohamed N Farres, Ali E Ali, Medhat M Elamawy
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Dyslipidemia in Egyptian children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus p. 104
Mohamed M El Bakry, Amira I Mansour, Marwa E Ahmed, Hamada E Sptan
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Aspirin versus low-molecular-weight heparin in treating recurrent miscarriages in women without antiphospholipid antibody syndrome p. 108
Ahmed T Abd Elfattah, Samy A Amer, Wael R Hablas, Mohamed I Elmohandes, Osama M Hamoda
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Antenatal screening for hepatitis B virus infection p. 113
Magdy A Gad, Mohamed A Metwally, Hesham A Eissa, Mahmoud A Gehad, Moataz M Rayan
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Lactoferrin as an added therapy in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori p. 119
Fawzy A Megahed, Mohammed A El-Assal, Ahmed S Dabour, Ramy A Samy, Mahmoud A Rizk, Soha H Al Adhm
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Quality assessment of blood bank performance in Benha University Hospitals p. 123
Mahmoud F Elgendy, Rabaa M Alanwar, Rania H Shaker, Shereen M Abdelwahab, Abdulqader M Taher
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Changes of biomarkers expression between preoperative biopsy and after definitive surgical treatment in patients with invasive breast cancer who receive neoadjuvant chemotherapy p. 130
Ahmed S Ezzat, Hassan K Soueni, Hala A Agena, Ahmed M Nowar, Ahmed M.F Salama
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Serum prolactin level as a biological marker of severity in liver cirrhosis p. 140
Fawzy M Khalil, Mohamed A Elassal, Ahmed M Hussein, Mahmoud Rizk, Mohamed A Awadein, Eman G Behiry, Mahmoud M Abd El-Fadil Kelany
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CD4+ CD28null in cases of polycystic ovary syndrome p. 146
Mohamed F.M Al-Shirbiny, Khalid M Salama, Afaf R.A Al-Said
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