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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology

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2015| January-February  | Volume 19 | Issue 1  

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2015 - My resolution: A broom in every adult's hand AND a toothbrush in every child's hand! What's yours? p. 1
Ashish Sham Nichani
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Clinical training in periodontology - The post graduate scenario p. 2
Biju Thomas
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Soaring high! p. 3
Balaji Manohar
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Evaluation of usage of interdental aids among dentists as a preventive measure p. 4
Mythri Halappa, Gowrapura Chandu
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Computerized implant-dentistry: Advances toward automation p. 5
Minkle Gulati, Vishal Anand, Sanjeev Kumar Salaria, Nikil Jain, Shilpi Gupta
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Sclerostin and occlusion: A brief review p. 11
Pankaj Bansal, Pritma Singh, Afshan Bey, Narinder Dev Gupta
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Interleukin-17 and interleukin-18 levels in different stages of inflammatory periodontal disease p. 14
Muthugounder Nalanaswamy Chitrapriya, Suresh Ranga Rao, Vamsi Lavu
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Efficacy versus health risks: An in vitro evaluation of power-driven scalers p. 18
Christian Graetz, Anna Plaumann, Jule Bielfeldt, Anica Tillner, Sonja Salzer, Christof Edmund Dorfer
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Modulatory effects by neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser on fibroblast attachment to single rooted tooth surfaces following ultrasonic scaling and root planning: An in vitro study p. 25
Shanta Negi, Malathi Krishnamurthy, Kiran Kumar Ganji, Sunil Pendor
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In vitro evaluation of mechanical properties of platelet-rich fibrin membrane and scanning electron microscopic examination of its surface characteristics p. 32
George Sam, Rosamma Joseph Vadakkekuttical, Nagrale Vijay Amol
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Local delivery of hyaluronan 0.8% as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis: A clinical and microbiological study p. 37
Tejaswin Polepalle, Moogala Srinivas, Narasimha Swamy, Sudheer Aluru, Swarna Chakrapani, Bollepalli Appaiah Chowdary
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Evaluation of the use of a 940 nm diode laser as an adjunct in flap surgery for treatment of chronic periodontitis p. 43
Tanya Marguerite Lobo, Dilip Ganpat Pol
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Evaluation of pain on use of electrosurgery and diode lasers in the management of gingival hyperpigmentation: A comparative study p. 49
Shalu Chandna, Suresh Dyamappa Kedige
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Comparative evaluation of platelet-rich fibrin with demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft in periodontal infrabony defects: A randomized controlled clinical study p. 56
Monali Shah, Jay Patel, Deepak Dave, Sujal Shah
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Clinical and radiographic evaluation of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite with or without platelet-rich fibrin membrane in the treatment of periodontal intrabony defects p. 61
Enas Ahmed Elgendy, Tamer Elamer Abo Shady
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Comparative clinical evaluation of coronally advanced flap with or without platelet rich fibrin membrane in the treatment of isolated gingival recession p. 66
Murugan Thamaraiselvan, Sugumari Elavarasu, Suthanthiran Thangakumaran, Jayaprakash Sharanabasappa Gadagi, Thangavelu Arthie
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Vascularized interpositional periosteal connective tissue flap: A modern approach to augment soft tissue p. 72
Chitra Agarwal, Savita Deora, Dennis Abrahm, Rohini Gaba, Baron Tarun Kumar, Praveen Kudva
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Comparison of oral health status between children with cerebral palsy and normal children in India: A case-control study p. 78
Nidhi Sinha, Bijay Singh, Kumar Gaurav Chhabra, Santosh Patil
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Peripheral ossifying fibroma: A clinicopathologic study of 27 cases and review of the literature with emphasis on histomorphologic features p. 83
Giovanni Mergoni, Marco Meleti, Simone Magnolo, Ilaria Giovannacci, Luigi Corcione, Paolo Vescovi
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Isolated cleft lip with generalized aggressive periodontitis: A rare entity p. 88
Renuka Metgud, Ajay Kumar, Kishore Bhat
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Recurrent idiopathic gingival fibromatosis with generalized aggressive periodontitis: A rare case report p. 93
Ashwini Sudhakar Jadhav, Swati Pramodan Marathe
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An interdisciplinary management of severely resorbed maxillary anterior ridge complicated by traumatic bite using a ridge splitting technique p. 96
Narender Dev Gupta, Sandhya Maheshwari, Prabhat Kumar Chaudhari, Shraddha Rathi
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Periosteal pedicle graft: A novel root coverage approach p. 99
Mishal Piyush Shah, Akash Prahlad Patel, Kinnari Mishal Shah
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Modified Whale's tail technique for the management of bone-defect in anterior teeth p. 103
Anu Kuriakose, Majo Ambooken, Jayan Jacob, Priya John
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Perio Vista - A Report p. 107
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Reviewers, 2014 p. 110
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