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North American Journal of Medical Sciences

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2012| October  | Volume 4 | Issue 10  

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Molecular biology of gallbladder cancer: Potential clinical implications p. 435
Ĺke Andrén-Sandberg
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Physiological effects of yogic practices and transcendental meditation in health and disease p. 442
PA Balaji, Smitha R Varne, Syed Sadat Ali
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Malarial hepatopathy and its outcome in India p. 449
Rama Prakasha Saya, Goswami Debabrata, Ganesh Kumar Saya
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Comparison of size 2.5 i-gel TM with proseal LMA TM in anaesthetised, paralyzed children undergoing elective surgery p. 453
Subhro Mitra, Bikramjit Das, Shahin N Jamil
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Photogrammetric analysis of palpebral fissure dimensions and its position in Malaysian south Indian ethnic adults by gender p. 458
P Vasanthakumar, Pramod Kumar, KG Mohandas Rao
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Prediction of clinical outcome in acute hemorrhagic stroke from a single CT scan on admission p. 463
Chiranjib Nag, Kamalesh Das, Mrinalkanti Ghosh, MR Khandakar
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Ocular pseudoexfoliation and cardiovascular disease: A national cross-section comparison study p. 468
Dustin D French, Curtis E Margo, Lynn E Harman
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Social determinants and its influence on the prevalence of morbidity among adolescent girls p. 474
Beena Sachan, MZ Idris, Savita Jain, Reema Kumari, Ashutosh Singh
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Molecular detection of Pneumocystis jirovecii in patients with respiratory tract infections p. 479
Oyebode Armstrong Terry Alli, David Olusoga Ogbolu, Olufunmi Ademola, Musiliu Adewale Oyenike
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Pneumocystis Jirovecii pneumonia in Africa: Impact and implications of highly sensitive diagnostic technologies p. 486
Olga Matos
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Mobile radiofrequency does not interfere with antiarrhythmic drugs in patients with ischemic heart disease p. 488
Adil H Alhussieny, Marwan S M Al-Nimer, Amer D Majeed
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Clinical and bacteriological aspects of pyoderma p. 492
Shashi Gandhi, AK Ojha, KP Ranjan, Neelima
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Association between serum gamma-glutamyl transferase level and hypertension in Indian adults: A population based cross-sectional study p. 496
Subhasish Dan, Indranil Banerjee, Himangshu Roy, Shiuli Roy, Tamoghna Jana, Satrajit Dan
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Phosphodiesterase-III inhibitors amrinone and milrinone on epilepsy and cardiovascular activities p. 499
Mohammad Asif
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Clinical correlates and outcome of Shoshin Beriberi p. 503
Rama Prakasha Saya, Shashidhar Baikunje, Parampalli Suryanarayana Prakash, Kodangala Subramanyam, Vikram Patil
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CD45/CD8 myeloid histioid antigen and plasma cell antibody immune response in a case of malignant melanoma p. 507
Ana Maria Abreu-Velez, Michael S Howard, Neville Y Pereyo, Keith A Delman, Martin C Mihm, Monica Rizzo
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Multifocal epithelial hyperplasia p. 510
Amilcar Méndez-Mendoza, Constantino Ledesma-Montes, Maricela Garcés-Ortíz
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Spontaneous pregnancy and unexplained infertility: A gift with many whys p. 512
Ilaria Soave, Giuseppe Lo Monte, Roberto Marci
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Factors associated with organ donation p. 514
Darpan Kaur, Shaunak Ajinkya
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Austrian syndrome and multiple myeloma: A fatal combination p. 516
Abdur Baig, Manfred Moskovits, Edmund M Herrold, Sonia Borra
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Hydranencephaly: A rare cause of an enlarging head size in an infant p. 520
Mohd Khalid, Saifullah Khalid, Samreen Zaheer, Navneet Redhu, Ekramullah
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