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Asian Journal of Andrology

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2015| May-June  | Volume 17 | Issue 3  

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Extrinsic and intrinsic factors controlling spermatogonial stem cell self-renewal and differentiation p. 347
Xing-Xing Mei, Jian Wang, Ji Wu
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Plasticity of spermatogonial stem cells p. 355
Paul S Cooke, Liz Simon, Manjunatha K Nanjappa, Theresa I Medrano, Suzanne E Berry
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The role of sex chromosomes in mammalian germ cell differentiation: can the germ cells carrying X and Y chromosomes differentiate into fertile oocytes? p. 360
Teruko Taketo
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Plasticity of male germline stem cells and their applications in reproductive and regenerative medicine p. 367
Zheng Chen, Zheng Li, Zuping He
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Roles of the Y chromosome genes in human cancers p. 373
Tatsuo Kido, Yun-Fai Chris Lau
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Etiology and early pathogenesis of malignant testicular germ cell tumors: towards possibilities for preinvasive diagnosis p. 381
Jenny E Elzinga-Tinke, Gert R Dohle, Leendert HJ Looijenga
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Reprogramming cells with synthetic proteins p. 394
Xiaoxiao Yang, Vikas Malik, Ralf Jauch
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Dynamic changes in the expression of apoptosis-related genes in differentiating gonocytes and in seminomas p. 403
Gurpreet Manku, Martine Culty
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Insights into female germ cell biology: from in vivo development to in vitro derivations p. 415
Dajung Jung, Kehkooi Kee
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Germline-competent stem cell in avian species and its application p. 421
Jae Yong Han, Hyung Chul Lee, Tae Sub Park
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Sex determination in mammalian germ cells p. 427
Cassy M Spiller, Josephine Bowles
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Are men talking their reproductive health away? p. 433
Ashok Agarwal, Damayanthi Durairajanayagam
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Transcriptome sequencing in prostate cancer identifies inter-tumor heterogeneity p. 435
Janet Mendonca, Anup Sharma, Sushant Kachhap
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Prostate cancer screening: and yet it moves! p. 437
Maciej Kwiatkowski, Marco Randazzo, Luis Kluth, Lukas Manka, Andreas Huber, Franz Recker
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Androgen receptor variant-7: an important predictive biomarker in castrate resistant prostate cancer p. 439
Oliver Sartor, Yan Dong
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How to make a human germ cell p. 441
Paul S Cooke, Manjunatha K Nanjappa
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From PAWP to "Pop": opening up new pathways to fatherhood p. 443
Melissa L Vadnais, George L Gerton
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Editorial: A discussion about "sperm factor" involved into egg activation p. 443
Dan-Qing Ren
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Is PAWP the "real" sperm factor? p. 444
Michail Nomikos, Karl Swann, F Anthony Lai
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Re: Is PAWP the 'real' sperm factor? p. 446
Mahmoud Aarabi, Peter Sutovsky, Richard Oko
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Male obesity and subfertility, is it really about increased adiposity? p. 450
Nicole O McPherson, Michelle Lane
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Clinical management of infertile men with nonobstructive azoospermia p. 459
Sandro C Esteves
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Personalized prostate cancer therapy based on systems analysis of the apoptosis regulatory network p. 471
George Kulik
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Prostate-specific antigen-based population screening for prostate cancer: current status in Japan and future perspective in Asia p. 475
Yasuhide Kitagawa, Mikio Namiki
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Association of polymorphisms in glutathione S-transferase genes (GSTM1, GSTT1, GSTP1) with idiopathic azoospermia or oligospermia in Sichuan, China p. 481
Da-Ke Xiong, Hong-Han Chen, Xian-Ping Ding, Shao-Hong Zhang, Jian-Hui Zhang
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Effect of SMAD7 gene overexpression on TGF-β1-induced profibrotic responses in fibroblasts derived from Peyronie's plaque p. 487
Min Ji Choi, Kang-Moon Song, Jin-Mi Park, Mi-Hye Kwon, Ki-Dong Kwon, Soo-Hwan Park, Dong-Soo Ryu, Ji-Kan Ryu, Jun-Kyu Suh
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Risk of cardiovascular thrombotic events after surgical castration versus gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists in Chinese men with prostate cancer p. 493
Jeremy YC Teoh, Samson YS Chan, Peter KF Chiu, Darren MC Poon, Ho-Yuen Cheung, Simon SM Hou, Chi-Fai Ng
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Reversal of idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: a cohort study in Chinese patients p. 497
Jiang-Feng Mao, Hong-Li Xu, Jin Duan, Rong-Rong Chen, Li Li, Bin Li, Min Nie, Le Min, Hong-Bing Zhang, Xue-Yan Wu
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PSA density improves the rate of prostate cancer detection in Chinese men with a PSA between 2.5-10.0 ng ml -1 and 10.1-20.0 ng ml -1 : a multicenter study p. 503
Yu-Rong Lin, Xing-Hua Wei, Matthew Uhlman, Xuan-Ting Lin, Si-Feng Wu, Peng-Fei Diao, Hai-Qing Xie, Ke-Ji Xie, Ping Tang
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Comment on reversal of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism in a Chinese cohort p. 508
Andrew Dwyer, Taneli Raivio
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An infertile man with gynecomastia caused by a novel mutation of the androgen receptor gene p. 509
Hui-Ying Xu, Cheng-Di Li, Li-Li Tang, Ling-Ling Wang, Xia Yu, Xue-Mei Gu, Xiang-Yang Lin, Bi-Cheng Chen
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Polyorchidism: the case in a young male and review of the literature p. 511
Ana Avargues, Ramón Rogel, Enrique Broseta, Saturnino Luján, Jesús A Betancourt, Gonzalo Morales, Francisco Boronat
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Morphological characteristics and initial genetic study of multiple morphological anomalies of the flagella in China p. 513
Shen-Min Yang, Hai-Bo Li, Jia-Xiong Wang, Yi-Chao Shi, Hong-Bo Cheng, Wei Wang, Hong Li, Jian-Quan Hou, Duan-Gai Wen
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Commentary on "Disposable circumcision suture device: clinical effect and patient satisfaction" p. 516
De-Hong Cao, Qiang Dong, Qiang Wei
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