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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2015| January-February  | Volume 26 | Issue 1  

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Scientific misconduct p. 1
SM Balaji
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Influence of refractory on the color of VM7 metal free ceramics p. 2
Renato Fabricio de Andrade Waldemarin, Cari Maristela Pieper, Guilherme Briao Camacho
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Detection of proximal caries using digital radiographic systems with different resolutions p. 5
Sima Nikneshan, Fatemeh Mashhadi Abbas, Sedigheh Sabbagh
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A study to evaluate the correlation of serum albumin levels with chronic periodontitis p. 11
Navkiran Kaur, Navneet Kaur, Vandana Sarangal
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Marginal and internal discrepancies of zirconia copings: Effects of milling system and finish line design p. 15
Isabella Lima Arrais Ribeiro, Fernanda Campos, Rafael Santiago Sousa, Maria Luiza Lima Alves, Dalton Matos Rodrigues, Rodrigo Othavio Assunção Souza, Marco Antonio Bottino
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Awareness of the association between periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcome among the general female population p. 21
Fouzia Tarannum, RK Shiva Prasad, R Shobha, BB Santosh Kumar, Supriya Ebenezer
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Grading angiogenesis in oral squamous cell carcinoma: A histomorphometric study p. 26
Vijay Wadhwan, Preeti Sharma, Chitrapriya Saxena, Arvind Venkatesh
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Multidetector computed tomography dentascan analysis of root canal morphology of maxillary canine p. 31
Priti D Desai, Kaushik Dutta, Soumyabrata Sarakar
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Evaluation of three different agents for in-office treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity: A controlled clinical study p. 38
Shruti A Patil, Balaram D Naik, R Suma
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C-reactive protein estimation: A quantitative analysis for three nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: A randomized control trial p. 43
Gaurav Salgia, Deepak G Kulkarni, Lakshmi Shetty
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Prevalence of dental caries, periodontitis, and oral hygiene status among 12-year-old schoolchildren having normal occlusion and malocclusion in Mathura city: A comparative epidemiological study p. 48
Geetika Arora, Sumit Bhateja
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Comparative evaluation of natural curcumin and synthetic chlorhexidine in the management of chronic periodontitis as a local drug delivery: A clinical and microbiological study p. 53
V Anitha, P Rajesh, M Shanmugam, B Meena Priya, S Prabhu, V Shivakumar
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Comparison of amine fluoride and chlorhexidine mouth rinses in the control of plaque and gingivitis - A randomized controlled clinical trial p. 57
B Meena Priya, Sushama R Galgali
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Demystifying the mesiobuccal root of maxillary first molar using cone-beam computed tomography p. 63
P Karunakar, Raji V Solomon, Chaitanya Byragoni, Lakshmi Sanjana, G Komali
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Apical extrusion of Enterococcus faecalis using three different rotary instrumentation techniques: An in vitro study p. 67
Sonali Taneja, Manju Kumari, Madhumita Barua, Chetna Dudeja, Meeta Malik
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Influence of polyurethane resin dies on the fit and adaptation of full veneer crowns p. 72
Graeme R R Lillywhite, Fahim Vohra
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Scanning electron microscopy analysis of microstructure of the adhesive interface between resin and dentin treated with papain gel p. 77
Anderson Jana Rosa, Eduardo Moreira da Silva, Monica Almeida Tostes
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Maxillary first molar with seven root canals diagnosed with cone-beam computed tomography scanning p. 82
Anil Munavalli, Sharnappa Kambale, Siddhesh Bandekar, Nishant Ajgaonkar
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Therapeutic efficacy of a hybrid mandibular advancement device in the management of obstructive sleep apnea assessed with acoustic reflection technique p. 86
SS Agarwal, B Jayan, Sunil Kumar
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Analysis of the rate of maturogenesis of a traumatized Cvek's stage 3 anterior tooth treated with platelet-rich fibrin as a regenerative tool using three-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography: An original case report p. 90
Raji Viola Solomon, Umrana Faizuddin, Sushma Shravani Guniganti, Shefali Waghray
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Nonsurgical management of vascular malformation of masseter p. 96
Venkatesh Jayaraman, Ravi David Austin, Saravanan Kannan
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Extra-vascular type of oral intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia (Masson's tumor) of lower lip: A case report and review of the literature p. 101
GS Sarode, SC Sarode
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Emerging technology and techniques p. 106
Gopi Naveen Chander, B Mutukumar, C Sasikala, N Dhanasekar
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Desensitizing paste use in children: Boon or bane p. 108
Thavarajah Rooban, Arun Elongovan
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Issues to be addressed for a randomized controlled trial p. 108
Pankaj B Shah
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Author's Reply p. 109
Prashant Gupta
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