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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2009| January-March  | Volume 27 | Issue 1  

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Seasons greeting from Davangere, Karnataka, India p. 1
VV Subba Reddy
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The genomics of oral cancer and wound healing p. 2
YB Aswini
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Oral health status of 6- and 12-year-old school going children in Bangalore city: An epidemiological study p. 6
UM Das, JP Beena, U Azher
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Comparison of oral midazolam with a combination of oral midazolam and nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation in the effectiveness of dental sedation for young children p. 9
AM Al-Zahrani, AH Wyne, SA Sheta
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Dermatoglyphic interpretation of dental caries and its correlation to salivary bacteria interactions: An in vivo study p. 17
A Sharma, R Somani
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Children's behavior pattern and behavior management techniques used in a structured postgraduate dental program p. 22
A Sharath, P Rekka, MS Muthu, V Rathna Prabhu, N Sivakumar
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Comparative evaluation of fluoride release from PRG-composites and compomer on application of topical fluoride: An in-vitro study p. 27
KS Dhull, B Nandlal
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Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of two self-etching adhesives (sixth and seventh generation) on dentin of primary and permanent teeth: An in vitro study p. 33
SM Yaseen, VV Subba Reddy
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The state of infant oral healthcare knowledge and awareness: Disparity among parents and healthcare professionals p. 39
PK Shivaprakash, I Elango, DK Baweja, HH Noorani
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An analysis of concentration of sucrose, endogenous pH, and alteration in the plaque pH on consumption of commonly used liquid pediatric medicines p. 44
S Sunitha, GM Prashanth, Shanmukhappa , GN Chandu, VV Subba Reddy
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Peripheral ossifying fibroma p. 49
UM Das, U Azher
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Save-a-tooth: Conservative surgical management of dentigerous cyst p. 52
P Shivaprakash, T Rizwanulla, DK Baweja, HH Noorani
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Acute immune thrombocytopenic purpura triggered by insect bite p. 58
R Namdev, SR Dutta, H Singh
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Intraosseous neurofibroma of maxilla in a child p. 62
P Sharma, A Narwal, AS Rana, S Kumar
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Orthodontic management of faciolingual horizontally impacted maxillary central incisor p. 65
HS Chawla, A Kapur
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Unicystic plexiform ameloblastoma: An insight for pediatric dentists p. 70
C Yavagal, R Anegundi, S Shetty
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