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Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS

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2012| July-December  | Volume 33 | Issue 2  

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Microbicides and HIV: A Review and an update p. 81
Smriti Naswa, YS Marfatia, T. L. N. Prasad
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Incidence of occupational exposures in a tertiary health care center p. 91
Amrita Shriyan, Roche R Annamma
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Audio-vestibular function in human immunodeficiency virus infected patients in India p. 98
Suma Susan Mathews, Rita Ruby Albert, Anand Job
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Evaluation of the usefulness of Treponema pallidum hemagglutination test in the diagnosis of syphilis in weak reactive Venereal Disease Research Laboratory sera p. 102
Manju Bala, Aman Toor, Meenakshi Malhotra, Monika Kakran, Sumathi Muralidhar, V Ramesh
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Perceptions regarding barriers and facilitators to combination antiretroviral therapy adherence among people living with HIV/AIDS in Gujarat, India: A qualitative study p. 107
Sangita Patel, Rajendra K Baxi, Shilpa N Patel, Carol E Golin, Mansi Mehta, Harsh Bakshi, Kalpita Shingrapure, Ekta Modi, Priyanka Coonor, Kedar Mehta
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Comparison of syndromic diagnosis of reproductive tract infections with laboratory diagnosis among rural married women in Medak district, Andhra Pradesh p. 112
M. L.S. Prabha, G Sasikala, Sudha Bala
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Ileal Perforation in a patient with acquired immune deficiency syndrome p. 116
Atul Sharma, Rakesh K Sharma, Santosh K Sharma, Ankur Jhanwar
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Intraoral Burkitt's lymphoma in an HIV positive patient p. 118
Vidya Ajila, R Gopakumar, Shruthi Hegde, G Subhas Babu
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Recurrent thrombosis in an HIV-1 infected child p. 121
Ira Shah
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Rare sweat gland tumors of vulva: Report of two cases p. 124
Rashmi Mahajan, Damodar Bang, Amit Nagar, Freny Bilimoria
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Orbital tuberculosis manifesting as proptosis in an immunocompromised host p. 128
Shashank Banait, Jyoti Jain, PH Parihar, Vikas Karwassara
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Randomized double blind placebo control studies, the "Gold Standard" in intervention based studies p. 131
Shobha Misra
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Abstracts from the currecnt global literature Part I p. 135
Anubhav Garg, Asit Mittal, Lalit K Gupta, AK Khare
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Abtracts from the current global literature Part - II: HIV and metabolic syndrome p. 138
Ankit H Bharti, Kiran Chotaliya, YS Marfatia
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A case of a large verrucous swelling over the scrotum p. 141
Kamal Ahmed, Hardeep Singh, AS Kumar, Iqbal Ahmed
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Tropical calcific pancreatitis in HIV patient p. 144
Sunil Kumar, Sanjay K Diwan, Vikram Kokate
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Syphilitic aneurysm - A case report p. 145
Rupali S Shinde, S Nagarathna, Basappa G Mantur, RR Walvekar, Mahantesh V Parande, Aisha M Parande, KB Jhyaneshwar, MR Chandrashekhar
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Study of syndromic management approach in the management of sexually transmitted diseases in rural population p. 146
Shitij S Goel, Shelly S Goel
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Very low prevalence of hepatitis B and C Co-infection in HIV-positive medical inpatients in a tertiary care hospital in Agra (UP), Northern India p. 147
Goyal Ankur, Goyal Sapna, Lal Ankit, Agrawal Arti
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A study for sexual health awareness in adolescent population (13-18 years) attending dermatology OPD p. 148
Reshma P Gadkari, Gaurav Somani, Chitra S Nayak, Atul S Giri
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