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Noise and Health

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2017| November-December  | Volume 19 | Issue 91  

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Cardiovascular risk factors in noise-exposed workers in china: Small area study p. 245
Xiaoyuan Wu, Daya Yang, Wendong Fan, Chunyue Fan, Guifu Wu
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Cognitive function predicts listening effort performance during complex tasks in normally aging adults p. 254
Jennine Harvey, Deborah von Hapsburg, Scott Seeman
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Audiometric notch and extended high-frequency hearing threshold shift in relation to total leisure noise exposure: An exploratory analysis p. 263
Wenjia Wei, Stefanie Heinze, Doris G Gerstner, Sandra M Walser, Dorothee Twardella, Christina Reiter, Veronika Weilnhammer, Carmelo Perez-Alvarez, Thomas Steffens, Caroline E.W Herr
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Association between community noise and adiposity in patients with cardiovascular disease p. 270
Angel M Dzhambov, Penka D Gatseva, Mariya P Tokmakova, Nikolai G Zdravkov, Stefka V Vladeva, Dolina G Gencheva, Nevena G Ivanova, Krasimir I Karastanev, Emanuela V Vasileva, Aleksandar T Donchev
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Using auditory steady-state responses for measuring hearing protector occlusion effect p. 278
Olivier Valentin, Frédéric Laville
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