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European Journal of General Dentistry

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2013| May-August  | Volume 2 | Issue 2  

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Changing the attitudes and behaviours of patients p. 95
Nairn H. F. Wilson
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Visualization in endodontics p. 96
James K Bahcall
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Periodontal disease and overall health: An update p. 102
Prashanth Balakesavan, Sneha R Gokhale, Vijay Deshmukh, Ray C Williams
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Nanodentistry: New buzz in dentistry p. 109
Madhurima Mikkilineni, Anitha S Rao, Muralidhar Tummala, Soujanya Elkanti
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Correlation of body mass index with eruption time of permanent first molars and incisors and caries occurrence: A cross-sectional study in school children in Uttar Pardesh, India p. 114
Robin Sabharwal, Shamindra Sengupta, Bhudev Sharma, Sanjeet Singh, Varun Rastogi
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A cytological analysis of the oral mucosa adjacent to orthodontic devices p. 119
Raul Magnoler Sampaio Mei, Antônio Adilson Soares de Lima, Jorge César Borges Leão Filho, Orlando Motohiro Tanaka, Odilon Guariza Filho, Elisa Souza Camargo
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Comparative analysis of adhesive failure of orthodontic resins: An in vitro mechanical test with the finite element method p. 124
Ana Leticia Rocha Avila, Mildred Ballin Hecke, Ana Paula Gebert de Oliveira Franco, Marco Antonio Amorin Vasco, Dauro Douglas Oliveira, Orlando Motohiro Tanaka
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Evaluation of microflora of root carious lesions in different age groups: A microbiological study p. 130
Ashok Aparna, Mithra N Hegde, Veena Shetty
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In vitro antimicrobial efficiency of different root canal sealers against Enterecoccus faecalis p. 134
Yakup Ustun, Burak Sagsen, Suleyman Durmaz, Duygu Percin
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Barriers to the utilization of dental services in Shimla, India p. 139
Shailee Fotedar, KR Sharma, Vinay Bhardwaj, GM Sogi
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Comparison of two different restoration materials and two different implant designs of implant-supported fixed cantilevered prostheses: A 3D finite element analysis p. 144
Ahmet Kursad Culhaoglu, Serhat Emre Ozkir, Gozde Celik, Hakan Terzioglu
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Evaluation of root canal smear layer removal by two types of lasers: A scanning electron microscopy study p. 151
Birang Reza, Hasheminia Seyed Mohsen, Fakhari Elham, Nasouri Mina, Nasouri Sara, Birang Ehsan
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Effect of maternal periodontal status on birth weight p. 158
Agnes O Umoh, Patrick I Ojehanon, Kofo O Savage
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Evaluation of stress distribution of fixed partial dentures over straight and inclined implants in various macrodesigns by the photoelastic stress analysis method p. 163
Serhat Emre Ozkir, Hakan Terzioglu, Ahmet Kursad Culhaoglu
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Conservative treatment of keratocyst: A follow-up study p. 169
Vibha Singh, Shadab Mohammad, Nimisha Singh, Somdipto Das
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Interdisciplinary approach to treating a patient with amelogenesis imperfecta: A clinical report p. 174
Mustafa Erhan Sari, Nursel Arici, Bilal Ozmen
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Mesiodens used for allotransplantation p. 178
Suryakanth M Pai, Piyusha S Patil, P Poornima, VV Subbareddy
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Maxillary ameloblastoma extending into the maxillary sinus p. 182
Nidhi Dwivedi, Vineet Raj, Shaleen Chandra, Akhil Agarwal
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Role of volumetric three-dimensional computed tomography in guiding the treatment of a dentigerous cyst associated with a mesiodens, approaching the nasal cavity p. 187
Chetna Arora, Rohit Bahri, Varun Kapoor, Samrity Paul
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Obesity: A link between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease p. 191
Pavitra Rastogi
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Oral health and white tea p. 192
Shailee Fotedar, Vikas Fotedar, KR Sharma, Vinay Bhardwaj
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Periodontitis: Is it a risk factor for coronary heart disease? p. 193
Prince Kumar, Ashish Kumar, Ashish Khattar, Roshni Goel
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