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Indian Journal of Urology

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2015| April-June  | Volume 31 | Issue 2  

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Tissue engineering and stem cell research in Urology: Is the moment yet to come? p. 87
Arabind Panda
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Hypogonadism and renal failure: An update p. 89
Nannan Thirumavalavan, Nathan A Wilken, Ranjith Ramasamy
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Adrenal myelolipoma: Controversies in its management p. 94
Vasanth G Shenoy, Anuroop Thota, Ravi Shankar, Mallikarjun G Desai
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Partial nephrectomy for metastatic renal cell carcinoma: Where do we stand? p. 102
Mohammed Shahait, Deborah Mukherji, Yaser El-Hout
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Penile anthropometry in North Indian children p. 106
Amilal Bhat, Ravi Upadhyay, Mahakshit Bhat, Karamveer Sabharwal, Manish Singla, Vinay Kumar
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Commentary on Bhat A., Upadhyay R., et al. Penile anthropometry in north Indian children. Indian J Urol 32;106-10 p. 110
Apul Goel
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Inhibition of proliferation and migration of stricture fibroblasts by epithelial cell-conditioned media p. 111
Nilima Nath, Sumit K Saraswat, Shashank Jain, Sridhar Koteshwar
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Does varicocelectomy affect DNA fragmentation in infertile patients? p. 116
Onur Telli, Hasmet Sarici, Mucahit Kabar, Berat Cem Ozgur, Berkan Resorlu, Selen Bozkurt
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Effect of midurethral sling (transobturator tape) surgery on female sexual function p. 120
Fredrick Paul, Sajeesh Rajagopalan, Siddalingeshwar C Doddamani, Remeshbabu Mottemmal, Sachin Joseph, Suresh Bhat
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Diuresis and inversion therapy to improve clearance of lower caliceal stones after shock wave lithotripsy: A prospective, randomized, controlled, clinical study p. 125
Abul-fotouh Ahmed, Essam Shalaby, Aref Maarouf, Yasser Badran, Mahmoud Eladl, Ammar Ghobish
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Role of buprenorphine in prolonging the duration of post-operative analgesia in percutaneous nephrolithotomy: Comparison between bupivacaine versus bupivacaine and buprenorphine combination p. 132
Jonnavithula Nirmala, Anil Kumar, Rahul Devraj, Sriramoju Vidyasagar, Gunta Ramachandraiah, Pisapati V. L. N. Murthy
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Pseudohyperplastic variant of adenocarcinoma as a component of α-methyl-CoA-racemase (AMACR negative) carcinosarcoma of the prostate p. 136
Sharmila Dudani, Ajay Malik, AS Sandhu, NS Mani
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Minimal invasive treatment of benign anastomotic uretero-ileal stricture in Hautmann neobladder with thermoexpandable ureteral metal stent p. 139
Ioannis P Efthimiou, Orestis T Porfyris, Paraskevas I Kalomoiris
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Primary squamous cell carcinoma of bladder exstrophy in an adult p. 142
Suresh Bhat, Manjunatha Sathyanarayanaprasad, Fredrick Paul
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Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis with colesional actinomycosis in a 63-year-old man p. 144
Hanni V Gulwani
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Localized renal cystic disease p. 146
Ramakrishna Narayanan, Balasubramanyam Shankar, Chaitanya D Kulkarni
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Renal pyelic fusion anomaly p. 148
Suresh Bhat, Fredrick Paul, Siddalingeshwar C Doddamani
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Urovision 2020: The future of urology p. 150
Vivek Venkatramani
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Use of a vegetable model as a training tool for PCNL puncture p. 156
Maneesh Sinha, Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy
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The transobturator outside in suburethral sling insertion procedure p. 160
Sivakumar S Balakrishnan, Anil K Dass, Yiap L Tan
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