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Oman Journal of Ophthalmology

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2013| January-April  | Volume 6 | Issue 1  

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Screening for subclinical keratoconus p. 1
Maria Clara Arbelaez, Maria Bernardita Sekito
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Small gauge vitrectomy: Recent update p. 3
Sumeet Khanduja, Ashish Kakkar, Saptrishi Majumdar, Rajpal Vohra, Satpal Garg
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Corneal biomechanics in iatrogenic ectasia and keratoconus: A review of the literature p. 12
Majid Moshirfar, Jason N Edmonds, Nicholas L Behunin, Steven M Christiansen
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A novel navigated laser system brings new efficacy to the treatment of retinovascular disorders p. 18
Jay Chhablani, Igor Kozak, Giulio Barteselli, Sharif El-Emam
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Visual outcome following extracapsular cataract extraction in mature cataracts with pseudoexfoliation syndrome: A retrospective study p. 23
Abdullah Al-Mujaini, Upender K Wali
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Short term outcome of Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation in management of refractory glaucoma in a tertiary hospital in Oman p. 27
Manali R Shah, Rajiv B Khandekar, Rajiv Zutshi, Rahima Mahrooqi
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Comparison of central corneal thickness of primary open angle glaucoma patients with normal controls in South India p. 33
Maya Natarajan, Krishna Das, Jayakumar Jeganathan
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Psychometric properties of the national eye institute refractive error correction quality-of-life questionnaire among Iranian patients p. 37
Amir H Pakpour, Isa Mohammadi Zeidi, Mohsen Saffari, Georgios Labiris, Bengt Fridlund
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Effects of Artisan aphakic intraocular lens on central corneal thickness and intra ocular pressure in pediatric eyes with crystalline subluxated lenses p. 44
Saemah Nuzhat Zafar, Sorath Noorani Siddiqui, Ayesha Khan
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Multicavitary ciliary body melanoma presenting as a cyst p. 48
Jennifer Jang, Swathi Kaliki, Ralph C Eagle, Jerry A Shields, Carol L Shields
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Isolated retinal cotton wool spot after coronary angiography p. 51
Nikolaos Kopsachilis, Manpreet Brar, Anca I. C. Marinescu, Sobha Sivaprasad
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Iris melanoma in children: Current approach to management p. 53
John P McLaughlin, Adrian T Fung, Jerry A Shields, Carol L Shields
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Spontaneous epiretinal membrane separation p. 56
Anton M Kolomeyer, Daniel M Schwartz
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Persistent hyaloid artery with an aberrant peripheral retinal attachment: A unique presentation p. 58
Jay U Sheth, Ashish Sharma, Santonu Chakraborty
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Head trauma with contralateral traumatic optic neuropathy p. 61
Brijesh Takkar, Digvijay Singh, Rohit Saxena, Vimla Menon
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It is not chalazion p. 63
Abdullah Al-Mujaini, Buthaina Sabt, Ibrahim Al-Hadabi
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Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy and dialysis: Effect of hypotension p. 64
Buthaina I Sabt
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Nodular episcleritis after laser in situ keratomileusis in patient with systemic lupus erythematosus p. 65
Mohammad Al-Amry
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Simultaneous surgical correction of dissociated vertical deviation, superior oblique overaction and A-pattern with associated horizontal strabismus: A case series p. 66
Suma Ganesh, Nidhi Khurana, Sumita Sethi, Priyanka Arora
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