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Indian Journal of Public Health

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2011| January-March  | Volume 55 | Issue 1  

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Evidence-Based preventive interventions for targeting under-nutrition in the Indian context p. 1
Sandip Kumar Ray
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Understanding the current status and exploring the potential for distance education in public health in India p. 7
Kavya Sharma, Sunil George, Sanjay Zodpey
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Risk factors associated with MDR-TB at the onset of therapy among new cases registered with the RNTCP in Mumbai, India p. 14
Sachin R Atre, Desiree T. B. D'Souza, Tina S Vira, Anirvan Chatterjee, Nerges F Mistry
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A study on visual outcomes after cataract surgery with intraocular lens implants at the rural health training center, Paithan, Maharashtra p. 22
Vijay K Domple, Arvind V Gaikwad, Hrishikesh A Khadilkar, Mohan K Doibale, Ashok P Kulkarni
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Geriatric health: Need to make it an essential element of primary health care p. 25
Sunil Agrawal, Jayant Deo, AK Verma, Atul Kotwal
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Performance of audio-assisted confidential voting interview for assessment of sexual behavior among young adults in Chandigarh Union Territory p. 30
Satya Ranjan Lenka, Jarnail Singh Thakur, Prabhat Jha, Rajesh Kumar
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Glucose indices, frank and undetected diabetes in relation to hypertension and anthropometry in a South Indian rural population p. 34
Forhad Akhtar Zaman, Ranabir Pal, Gaffar Sarwar Zaman, Indupalli Amruta Swati, Abdul Kayyum
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Prevalence and health-seeking behavior of reproductive tract infection/sexually transmitted infections symptomatics: A cross-sectional study of a rural community in the Hooghly district of West Bengal p. 38
Amrita Samanta, Santanu Ghosh, Shuvankar Mukherjee
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Prevalence of substance use among male adolescents in an urban slum area of Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh p. 42
Prashant R Kokiwar, Gopal Rao S Jogdand
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Structural and qualitative evaluation of microscopy and directly observed treatment centers under revised national tuberculosis control programme in Nanded city of Maharashtra p. 46
Vijay Manohar Bhagat, Prakash Laxminarayan Gattani
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Sanitation: The hygienic means of promoting health p. 49
Madhumita Dobe, AK Sur, BB Biswas
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A mercury free health care organization: A must p. 52
Ritesh Singh, Neeti Rustagi
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Validity of results obtained from thirty clusters on "prevalence of iodine deficiency disorders" drawn from a large state in India p. 53
Umesh Kapil, Padam Singh
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Authors' reply p. 55
Chandrakant S Pandav, P Krishnamurthy, R Sankar, Kapil Yadav, C Palanivel, MG Karmarkar
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Community medicine departments and public health education in India at crossroads! p. 56
Binod Kumar Patro, Amarjeet Singh
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Authors' Reply p. 58
Himanshu Negandhi, Kavya Sharma, Sanjay Zodpey
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In Memorium: Dr. A. K. Sharma p. 59
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In Memorium: Prof. J. P. Gupta p. 60
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