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Oman Journal of Ophthalmology

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2018| May-August  | Volume 11 | Issue 2  

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The Dark Matter of Vision: In search of a Grand Unifying Theory for Glaucoma p. 101
Muneeb A Faiq
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Central serous chorioretinopathy: Current update on pathophysiology and multimodal imaging p. 103
George Joseph Manayath, Ratnesh Ranjan, Vanee Sheth Shah, Smita S Karandikar, Veerappan R Saravanan, Venkatapathy Narendran
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Vitreous loss-causes, associations, and outcomes: Eight-year analysis in Melaka Hospital p. 113
Thanigasalam Thevi, Adinegara Lutfi Abas
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Trojan horse anaesthesia: A novel method of anaesthesia for pars plana vitrectomy p. 119
Sanjiv Kumar Gupta, Ajai Kumar, Arun Sharma
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Pterygium excision and conjunctival autograft: A comparative study of techniques p. 124
Santosh Kumar, Roohie Singh
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Prevalence of convergence insufficiency among secondary school students in Khartoum, Sudan p. 129
Layali Ibrahim Hassan, Samira Mohamed Ibrahim, Mustafa Abdu, Asma MohamedSharif
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Langerhans cell histiocytosis of the orbit: A study of eight cases p. 134
Swati Singh, Swathi Kaliki, Vijay Anandz Reddy Palkonda, Reddy Palkonda, Milind N Naik
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Efficacy of three different formulations of brimonidine for control of intraocular pressure in primary open-angle glaucoma: A 6-week randomized trial p. 140
Anubha Bhatti, Gursatinder Singh
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Influence of total intraocular lens diameter on efficacy and safety for in the bag cataract surgery p. 144
Efstathios Vounotrypidis, Carlo Lackerbauer, Daniel Kook, Martin Dirisamer, Siegfried Priglinger, Wolfgang J Mayer
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Swept-source optical coherence tomography study of choroidal morphology in Stargardt disease p. 150
Dhanashree Ratra, Durgasri Jaishankar, Ramya Sachidanandam, Hatim Yusufali, Vineet Ratra
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Waardenburg syndrome: A rare case p. 158
Shivlal M Rawlani, Roshani Ramtake, Ajab Dhabarde, Sudhir S Rawlani
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Distinguishing midzonal iris pigment epithelial cyst from adenoma and ciliary body melanoma p. 161
Eileen L Mayro, Thamolwan Surakiatchanukul, Jerry A Shields, Carol L Shields
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Intravitreal gas injection with prone positioning for giant retinal pigment epithelial tear p. 164
Deependra Vikram Singh, Raja Rami Reddy, Gaurav Mathur, Yog Raj Sharma
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Von Hipple–Lindau: Unusual case presentation with peripheral and juxtapapillary retinal hemangioma p. 166
Kanika Jain, Manav Deep Singh
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Accidental henpeck as a cause of devastating eye injury p. 169
Valerie Menezes, Ugam P S Usgaonkar
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Subinternal limiting membrane hemorrhage post-Ahmed glaucoma valve in vitrectomized eye p. 172
Bhuvan Chanana, Garima Kajla, Sudhank Bharti
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Choroidal hematoma presenting as pseudo-uveal melanoma in a monocular 47-year-old Asian Indian lady with opaque media p. 175
Aditya Bansal, Pukhraj Rishi, Swakshyar Saumya Paul, Kumar Saurabh
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Spontaneous onset pseudophakic malignant glaucoma secondary to zonular weakness and cilio-lenticular block p. 178
Craig Wilde, Marco U Morales, Dharmalingham Kumudhan, Justin Sim, Winfried Amoaku
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Modified transscleral external drainage of subretinal fluid in high bullous exudative retinal detachment due to Coats' disease p. 181
Shachi Rohan Desai, Omar Abdel Dayem, Arindam Chakravarti, Sundaram Natarajan
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Anterior megalophthalmos: Is visual restoration possible? p. 184
Alok Sati, Somasheila I Murthy, S Arjun, Varsha M Rathi
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Sudden paracentral scotoma in a middle-aged male p. 187
Reem Al Motaem, Mohammed Al Abri
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Discontinuation of the herbal preparation Hypericum perforatum, also known as St John's wort, associated with improved intraocular pressure control in a patient on topical beta-blockers for primary open-angle glaucoma p. 188
Magdalena Edington, Thomas Siempis, Donald Montgomery
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Retrobulbar alcohol injection: A forgotten therapy for management of painful blind eye p. 190
Jagdish Bhatia, Bindu Narayanadas, Mathew Varghese, Mohamed Faruk, Albert Alfy Hafez, Neha Bhatia, Arti Bhatia
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