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Medical Journal of Babylon

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2018| July-September  | Volume 15 | Issue 3  

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Analysis of ear foreign bodies in adult patients p. 197
Abdulhusein Mizhir Almaamuri
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Prevalence, biochemical, and genetic analysis of mutated gene related to bitter taste perception for phenylthiocarbamide in Sulaymaniyah Province, Iraq p. 201
Harseen Mahmud Rahim, Rebin Kanabi Majeed, Nadia Ahmed Rostam
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Transthoracic fine-needle aspiration versus tru-cut biopsy under computed tomography-scan guide in diagnosis of peripheral lung lesions p. 205
Maitham Fuad Abdal-Hussain
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Comparison between modified alvarado score and Tzanakis score in diagnosing acute appendicitis in Erbil City p. 210
Faris Muhammed Mahmood, Sirwan Ahmed Garota
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The utility of apparent diffusion coefficient in diagnosis of acute cholecystitis p. 214
Musafir Atea Hashim
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Acute toxicity study of indomethacin and oxytetracycline in rabbits p. 218
Rebin Kanabi Majeed, Hawraz Farhad Muhammed, Harseen Mahmud Rahim
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Left ventricular echocardiographic abnormalities by conventional echocardiography and tissue doppler image in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases patients p. 222
Batool Sahib Jbarah, Safaa Jawad Kadhem, Basim Muhammad Madloom
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Interventricular mechanical dyssynchrony in dilated cardiomyopathy and its relation with left ventricular systolic dysfunction p. 227
Ahlam Kadhim Abbood, Haider Jabar Al-Ghizzi, Wissam S Tajuldin
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Subendocardial left ventricular dysfunction by speckle-tracking strain image in asymptomatic patients with chronic aortic regurgitation and normal ejection fraction p. 231
Ghufran Jawad Obada, Haider Jabar Al-Ghizzi, Ali Jaber Aboob, Ameer Ahmad Aljubawii
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The incidence of dermatophytosis in Babylon Province, Iraq p. 234
Oday Hussein Kadhim
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Role of diffusion-weighted image in differentiation between epidermoid cyst and other cerebellopontine angle masses p. 238
Dhemyaa Ali Farhan, Osamah Ayad Abdulsttar
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Prevalence of normal anatomical variations in the region of paranasal sinuses in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis p. 243
Hasanein Hamid Hadi, Hasanein Ahmed Al-Bayati, Safaa Sahib Naji Al-Gazali
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Efficacy and safety of vaginal CO2Laser treatment in female stress urinary incontinence p. 251
Saja Mohammed Jasim, Raed Younis Khalil Al-Rawi
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A comparison between low dose and standard dose computed tomography scan in detection of urolithiasis p. 258
Ahmed Danoon Marsoul, Huda Ali Rasool, Muhammed Ridha Judi
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Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of migrant women workers worldwide p. 263
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava
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Coumarin is most medical and therapeutic component of Iraqi medicinal plant Atriplex nummularia p. 264
Yamama Khalid Abdulmueed, Enas Jwad Kadium
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