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Indian Journal of Pharmacology

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2011| March-April  | Volume 43 | Issue 2  

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Promise of translational medicine: An evidence-based therapeutics p. 103
M.U.R Naidu
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Newer molecules in the treatment of schizophrenia: A clinical update p. 105
Abhishek Ghosh, Kaustav Chakraborty, Surendra Kumar Mattoo
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Vitamin D as a promising anticancer agent p. 113
Chandra Kanti Chakraborti
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Analgesic and anti-nociceptive activity of hydroethanolic extract of Drymaria cordata willd p. 121
Chandana Choudhury Barua, Jayanti Datta Roy, Bhaben Buragohain, Acheenta Gohain Barua, Prabodh Borah, Mangala Lahkar
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Adverse drug reaction profile of nanoparticle versus conventional formulation of paclitaxel: An observational study p. 126
Ballari Brahmachari, Avijit Hazra, Anup Majumdar
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A comparative evaluation of price and quality of some branded versus branded-generic medicines of the same manufacturer in India p. 131
GL Singal, Arun Nanda, Anita Kotwani
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Cognitive enhancing and antioxidant activity of ethyl acetate soluble fraction of the methanol extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis in scopolamine-induced amnesia p. 137
Vandana S Nade, Sampat V Kanhere, Laxman A Kawale, Adhikrao V Yadav
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Antileukemic activity of the leaf extract of Bischofia javanica blume on human leukemic cell lines p. 143
Sutharson Lingadurai, Soma Roy, Rajan Vedasiromoni Joseph, Lila Kant Nath
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Prescription audit of outpatient attendees of secondary level government hospitals in Maharashtra p. 150
Hanumantha Rao Potharaju, SG Kabra
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Influence of drug concentration on the diffusion parameters of caffeine p. 157
R Ben Mustapha, C Lafforgue, N Fenina, JP Marty
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Effect of Argyreia speciosa root extract on cafeteria diet-induced obesity in rats p. 163
Shiv Kumar, KR Alagawadi, M Raghavendra Rao
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Evaluation of Caesalpinia pulcherrima Linn. for anti-inflammatory and antiulcer activities p. 168
Vivek Sharma, GP Rajani
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Comparison of sublingual, vaginal, and oral misoprostol in cervical ripening for first trimester abortion p. 172
Shagufta Parveen, Zaffar Abbas Khateeb, SM Mufti, MA Shah, Vishal R Tandon, S Hakak, Z Singh, Shagufta Yasmeen, Shakeel A Mir, Rehana Tabasum, Nasreen Jan
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Evaluation of efficacy of duloxetine in stress urinary incontinence in women p. 176
P Deepak, TN Kumar, TK Sen
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Lantana montevidensis Briq improves the aminoglycoside activity against multiresistant Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus p. 180
Erlanio O Sousa, Thiago S Almeida, Fabíola F.G. Rodrigues, Adriana R Campos, Sidney G Lima, José G.M. Costa
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Impact of proton pump inhibitors on efficacy of clopidogrel: Review of evidence p. 183
Suresh D Mistry, Hiren R Trivedi, Dinesh M Parmar, Prashant S Dalvi, Chacko Jiyo
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The effect of mitoxantrone as an anticancer drug on hepatocytes nuclei and chromatin: Selective release of histone proteins p. 187
Zahra Hajihassan, Azra Rabbani-Chadegani
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Effect of quercetin on lipopolysaccharide induced-sickness behavior and oxidative stress in rats p. 192
Sangeeta Pilkhwal Sah, Naveen Tirkey, Anurag Kuhad, Kanwaljit Chopra
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Anticataleptic and antiepileptic activity of ethanolic extract of leaves of Mucuna pruriens: A study on role of dopaminergic system in epilepsy in albino rats p. 197
D Champatisingh, PK Sahu, A Pal, GS Nanda
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Nephroprotective effect of Bauhinia variegata (linn.) whole stem extract against cisplatin-induced nephropathy in rats p. 200
Saumya R Pani, Satyaranjan Mishra, Sabuj Sahoo, Prasana K Panda
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Antihyperhomocysteinemic and antihyperlipidemic effect of Trichilia connaroides in methionine-induced hyperhomocysteinemic animals p. 203
GS Prasanna, Purnima Ashok
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Safety of single-dose nevirapine for prevention of vertical transmission of human immunodeficiency virus infection p. 207
Mangala Bhaskar Murthy, Bhaskar Krishnamurthy
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IFN-α-2a (Interferon) and ribavirin induced suicidal attempt in a patient of chronic HCV: A rare case report p. 210
Deep Inder, HS Rehan, Madhur Yadav, Seema Manak, Pawan Kumar
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Paradoxical response to anti-tubercular treatment p. 212
Syed Ahmed Zaki, Prithi Shenoy
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Chronic phenytoin therapy-induced vecuronium resistance p. 214
Lopamudra Chowdhury, Arpita Laha, Tamonash Chaudhuri, Suparna Chatterjee
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Metformin allergy p. 216
Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Nitroimidazole derivative-induced fixed drug eruptions: Not so uncommon p. 218
Parama Sengupta, Abhishek Sharma, Chiranjib Bagchi, Santanu Tripathi
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Buclizine is back again! This time as a pediatric appetite stimulant p. 219
Thirunavukkarasu Arun Babu
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Dysmorphic child born after maternal diclofenac therapy p. 220
Syed Ahmed Zaki, Angadi Rajasab Nilofer, Preeti Shanbag
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Regulatory filing strategy for generic mesalazine modified release formulations p. 221
Sandeep K Gupta
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Asymptomatic cysticercosis in wistar albino rats: A note of caution to all biomedical researchers p. 222
Parama Sengupta, Abhishek Sharma, Goutameswar Mazumdar, Santanu K Tripathi
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Research methodology simplified: Every clinician a researcher p. 224
Tejinder Singh
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The Journal Club p. 225
RK Dikshit
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