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International Journal of Yoga

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2016| January-June  | Volume 9 | Issue 1  

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Dynamic and static asana practices p. 1
TM Srinivasan
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Understanding Vrikshasana using body mounted sensors: A statistical approach p. 4
Suhas Niranjan Yelluru, Ranjith Ravindra Shanbhag, SN Omkar
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Effect of uninostril yoga breathing on brain hemodynamics: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study p. 12
Karamjit Singh, Hemant Bhargav, TM Srinivasan
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Improvements in well-being and vagal tone following a yogic breathing-based life skills workshop in young adults: Two open-trial pilot studies p. 20
Michael R Goldstein, Gregory F Lewis, Ronnie Newman, Janice M Brown, Georgiy Bobashev, Lisa Kilpatrick, Emma M Seppälä, Diana H Fishbein, Sreelatha Meleth
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Impact of 10-weeks of yoga practice on flexibility and balance of college athletes p. 27
M Jay Polsgrove, Brandon M Eggleston, Roch J Lockyer
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Effect of integrated Yoga module on positive and negative emotions in Home Guards in Bengaluru: A wait list randomized control trial p. 35
B Amaranath, Hongasandra R Nagendra, Sudheer Deshpande
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Effects of Yogasanas on osteoporosis in postmenopausal women p. 44
Zainab S Motorwala, Sona Kolke, Priyanka Y Panchal, Nilima S Bedekar, Parag K Sancheti, Ashok Shyam
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Development of normative data of electro photonic imaging technique for healthy population in India: A normative study p. 49
Kuldeep Kumar Kushwah, Thaiyar M Srinivasan, Hongasandra R Nagendra, Judu V Ilavarasu
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Effect of Integrated Yoga (IY) on psychological states and CD4 counts of HIV-1 infected Patients: A Randomized controlled pilot study p. 57
Rosy Naoroibam, Kashinath G Metri, Hemant Bhargav, R Nagaratna, HR Nagendra
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Impact of short-term practice of yoga on heart rate variability p. 62
AV Vinay, D Venkatesh, V Ambarish
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Yoga and mental health: A dialogue between ancient wisdom and modern psychology p. 67
Camila Ferreira Vorkapic
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Effect of Sudarshan Kriya (meditation) on gamma, alpha, and theta rhythm during working memory task p. 72
Sushil Chandra, Greeshma Sharma, Alok Prakash Mittal, Devendra Jha
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Examining the energy cost and intensity level of prenatal yoga p. 77
Nathan Anthony Peters, Rebecca A Schlaff
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Effects of multisensory yoga on behavior in a male child with Apert and Asperger syndrome p. 81
Michaela L Scroggins, Lyn G Litchke, Ting Liu
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Yoga in 42 African American women's memoirs reveal hidden tradition of health p. 85
Stephanie Y Evans
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University-based online yoga education: A pilot study of students' experience p. 86
Muriel Francoise Strahm, Marc Cohen, Simon Borg-Olivier
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Unsubstantiated conclusions from improper statistical design and analysis of a randomized controlled trial p. 87
Brandon J George, TaShauna U Goldsby, Andrew W Brown, Peng Li, David B Allison
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Witnessing consciousness p. 89
Prabhakar Srinivasapuram Krishnacharya
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The sacred tradition of yoga: Philosophy, ethics, and practices for a modern spiritual life p. 91
Jin Sook Park, Aarti Jagannathan
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