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Indian Journal of Otology

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2014| October-December  | Volume 20 | Issue 4  

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Noise-induced hearing loss p. 151
Mahendra K Taneja
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Bacterial isolate and antibacterial resistance pattern of ear infection among patients attending at Hawassa university referral Hospital, Hawassa, Ethiopia p. 155
Mesfin Worku, Muluken Bekele
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A clinical study of age related hearing loss among diabetes patients p. 160
Sheetal Krishnappa, Khaja Naseeruddin
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Audiological assessment modalities in children with multiple handicaps and parents' perception p. 166
Noorain Alam, Shamim Ansari, Deepanshu Gurnani, Vikas Sinha, Pawan K Sharma, Sachin Jindal
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Pre-post therapy comparison of electrophysiological auditory findings in stutterers p. 169
Noorain Alam, Vikas Sinha, Deepanshu Gurnani, Sachin Jindal, Pawan Sharma, Ambuj Pandey
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Cortical bone total ossicular replacement prosthesis p. 173
Manu Malhotra, Saurabh Varshney, Rashmi Malhotra
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Evaluation of outcomes of tympanoplasties with and without cortical mastoidectomy p. 178
Madayambath Sagesh
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Overlay versus underlay myringoplasty: A comparative study p. 183
Parmod Kalsotra, Rohan Gupta, Nitika Gupta, Sunil Kotwal, Anil Suri, Sonika Kanotra
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Inca bones at asterion p. 189
Prashant E Natekar, Suhit E Natekar, Fatima M De Souza
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Effects of acute thyroxine depletion on hearing in differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients p. 191
Zekiye Hasbek, Canan Filiz Karakus, Emine Elif Altuntas, Fatih KiliÁli
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Technique and results of cartilage shield tympanoplasty p. 196
Sohil I Vadiya
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Evaluation of auditory brain-stem evoked response in middle: Aged type 2 diabetes mellitus with normal hearing subjects p. 199
Debadatta Mahallik, Preeti Sahu, Rajkishor Mishra
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Brainstem evoked response audiometry in stone cutting workers at a construction site p. 203
Roohi Aboobackr, Balaji W Ghugare, Mukesh R Dinkar
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Diagonal earlobe crease and coronary artery disease in Iranian population: A marker for evaluating coronary risk p. 208
Mahdi Montazeri, Maryam Montazeri, Negin Rashidi, Mohammad Montazeri, Mahmood Montazeri
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Fat graft myringoplasty in small central perforations p. 211
Chandni Sharma, Jagat Singh, Vikas Kakkar, S. P. S. Yadav, Priya Malik, Surender Bishnoi
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Bilateral facial nerve palsy in a newly diagnosed diabetic patient with associated herpes labialis p. 216
Manish Gupta, Monica Gupta
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Eustachian dysfunction in chronic otitis media with bilateral concha bullosa: Is it chance finding? p. 219
Shraddha Jain, Minal Gupta, Prasad T Deshmukh
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Wegener's granulomatosis: A diagnostic dilemma for otologists p. 222
Madan P Gupta, Kapil Sikka, Alok Thakar
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