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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2016| July-September  | Volume 34 | Issue 3  

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MEDLINE, pubmed, and pubmed central ®: Analogous or dissimilar p. 197
ND Shashikiran
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Management of grossly decayed primary anteriors using various intracanal post systems: A clinical study p. 199
Manjul Mehra, Rashu Grover, Inder Kumar Pandit, Nikhil Srivastava, Neeraj Gugnani, Monika Gupta
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Predicting the mesiodistal width of unerupted canine and premolars by using width of the permanent mandibular incisors and first molar in the Himachal population p. 204
Sudhir Mittal, Anirudh Pathak, Kavita Mittal, Vasundhara Pathania
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Evaluation of antimicrobial effect of azadirachtin plant extract (Soluneem ) on commonly found root canal pathogenic microorganisms (viz. Enterococcus faecalis) in primary teeth: A microbiological study p. 210
Shanal Shah, Karthik Venkataraghavan, Prashant Choudhary, Shameer Mohammad, Krishna Trivedi, Shalin G Shah
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Comparative evaluation of diffusion hypoxia and psychomotor skills with or without postsedation oxygenation following administration of nitrous oxide in children undergoing dental procedures: A clinical study p. 217
Vineet Inder Singh Khinda, Parvesh Bhuria, Paramjit Khinda, Shiminder Kallar, Gurlal Singh Brar
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Health camps in schools and content analysis of the school textbooks: A cross-sectional study in Tamil Nadu p. 223
PR Geetha Priya, Sharath Asokan, D Kandaswamy, S Malliga, G Arthi
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Evaluation of total antioxidant level of saliva in modulation of caries occurrence and progression in children p. 227
Naveen Reddy Banda, Garima Singh, Vandana Markam
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Color stability of esthetic restorative materials used in pediatric dentistry: An in vitro study p. 233
Hanisha Adusumilli, Jogendra Sai Sankar Avula, Pranitha Kakarla, Sujatha Bandi, George Manoj Kumar Mallela, Krishna Vallabhaneni
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Awareness and prevention of patient gag reflex among pedodontists in India: A web-based survey p. 238
Soumik Roy, Deepak P Bhayya, Shilpi Gupta, Kanchi Upadhyay, Sonia Tiwari, Ashish Rao
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Caries risk assessment among 12–13 year old school-going children of government and private schools of Tirupur district, Tamil Nadu p. 244
Madhu M Mitha, JE Nijesh, Preetha Elizabeth Chaly, Indra Priyadharshini, Mohammed Junaid, S Vaishnavi
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Caries prevalence of school-going boys and girls according to cleaning methods and soft drink-taking frequency in different localities, in and around Guwahati City p. 249
Chandana Kalita, Bapukan Choudhary, Anjan Kumar Saikia, Pratap Chandra Sarma
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Assessment of salivary and plaque pH and oral health status among children with and without intellectual disabilities p. 257
G Radha, V Swathi, Abhishek Jha
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Determination of physical height from crown dimensions of deciduous tooth: A dental morphometric study p. 262
C Ramanna, Venkatesh V Kamath, C Sharada, N Srikanth
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An in vitro evaluation of cytotoxicity of curcumin against human dental pulp fibroblasts p. 269
Praveenkumar S Mandrol, Kishor Bhat, AR Prabhakar
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Evaluation of chemokines in gingival crevicular fluid in children with dental caries and stainless steel crowns: A clinico-biochemical study p. 273
Naveen Kommineni Kumar, Veera Kishore Kasa Reddy, Prathyusha Padakandla, Harshini Togaru, Swathi Kalagatla, Sarath N Chandra
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A comparative evaluation of microleakage and compressive strength of Ketac Molar, Giomer, Zirconomer, and Ceram-x: An in vitro study p. 280
Rashmeet Walia, Purshottam Jasuja, Kanika Gupta Verma, Suruchi Juneja, Aditi Mathur, Lovejeet Ahuja
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Impact of various extra-oral factors on caries experience among mentally disabled children residing in Bhopal city, central India: A cross-sectional study p. 285
Sonal Chhajed, Garima Bhambhani, Rohit Agarwal, Swati Balsaraf
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An adenomatoid odontogenic tumor in disguise p. 291
Rajesh B Dhirawani, Sanyog Pathak, K Mallikaarjuna, Ankit Sharma
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New electronic habit reminder for the management of thumb-sucking habit p. 294
Srinath Krishnappa, MS Rani, Sandeep Aariz
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