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Journal of Minimal Access Surgery

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2013| January-March  | Volume 9 | Issue 1  

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Journal of Minimal Access Surgery: Looking back and looking ahead p. 1
Deepraj Bhandarkar
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Long-term experience on laparoscopic incontinent urinary diversion unrelated to cystectomy in radiated or recurrent pelvic malignancies p. 3
Marcos Tobias-Machado, Leonardo S Lopes, Felipe Brandao Correa de Araujo, Eduardo S Starling, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo
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Single port laparoscopic repair of paediatric inguinal hernias: Our experience at a secondary care centre p. 7
Ameet Kumar, TS Ramakrishnan
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Feasibility of single-incision laparoscopic surgery for appendicitis in abnormal anatomical locations: A single surgeon's initial experience p. 13
Sanoop K Zachariah
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Minimal access surgery in newborns and small infants; five years experience p. 19
Sandesh V Parelkar, Sanjay N Oak, Mitesh K Bachani, Beejal V Sanghvi, Rahul Gupta, Advait Prakash, Rajashekhar Patil, Subrat Sahoo
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Bronchogenic cyst: Clinical course from antenatal diagnosis to postnatal thoracoscopic resection p. 25
Sophie Maurin, Géraldine Hery, Brigitte Bourliere, Alain Potier, Jean-Michel Guys, Pascal De Lagausie
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Retained surgical sponge mimicking GIST: Laparoscopic diagnosis and removal 34 years after original surgery p. 29
Jonatan W R Justo, Paulo Sandler, Leandro T Cavazzola
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Lower gastrointestinal bleeding due to hepatic artery pseudoaneurysm following laparoscopic cholecystectomy p. 31
Ajay D Mate, Kailas R Surnare, Samir S Deolekar, Anil K Gvalani
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Laparoscopic excision of intra-abdominal oesophageal duplication cyst in a child p. 34
Vijay C Pujar, Santosh Kurbet, Deepak K Kaltari
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Laparoscopic excision of mesenteric cyst of sigmoid mesocolon p. 37
Ajay H Bhandarwar, Mukund B Tayade, Ashok D Borisa, Gaurav V Kasat
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Polypropelene mesh eroding transverse colon following laparoscopic ventral hernia repair p. 40
Manash Ranjan Sahoo, Suryakanta Bisoi, Santosh Mathapati
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A modified minimally invasive technique for the surgical management of large trichobezoars p. 42
Amit Javed, Anil K Agarwal
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The "BASE FIRST" technique in laparoscopic appendectomy p. 45
Ketan Vagholkar
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Authors' reply p. 46
Giuseppe Piccinni, Andrea Sciusco, Angela Gurrado, Germana Lissidini, Mario Testini
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