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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2012| July-September  | Volume 30 | Issue 3  

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Greetings from Davangere p. 187
VV Subba Reddy
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Micro-marsupialization: A minimally invasive technique for mucocele in children and adolescents p. 188
SK Sagari, KC Vamsi, D Shah, V Singh, GB Patil, S Saawarn
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Variation in buccal surface morphology of deciduous first molars p. 192
M Simratvir, G Moghe, D Singh, K Dhillon
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Parental acceptance of pediatric behavior management techniques: A comparative study p. 195
I Elango, DK Baweja, PK Shivaprakash
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Effect of light-emitting diode and halogen light curing on the micro-hardness of dental composite and resin-modified glass ionomer cement: An in vitro study p. 201
M Bhalla, D Patel, ND Shashikiran, RM Mallikarjuna, TM Nalawade, HK Reddy
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Comparative study on the microbial adhesion to preveneered and stainless steel crowns p. 206
Waleed M Bin AlShaibah, Fatma A El-Shehaby, Norhan A El-Dokky, Ala'a R Reda
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Evaluation of non-microbial salivary caries activity parameters and salivary biochemical indicators in predicting dental caries p. 212
A Kaur, KS Kwatra, P Kamboj
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Skeletal and Dentoalveolar changes concurrent to use of Twin Block appliance in Class II division I cases with a deficient mandible: A cephalometric study p. 218
AK Sharma, V Sachdev, A Singla, BC Kirtaniya
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Evaluation of two resin based fissure sealants: A comparative clinical study p. 227
MR Bhatia, AR Patel, DD Shirol
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Effectiveness of mouthrinse formulated from ethanol extract of Terminalia chebula fruit on salivary Streptococcus mutans among 12 to 15 year old school children of Belgaum city: A randomized field trial p. 231
SS Nayak, AV Ankola, SC Metgud, U Bolmal
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Detection of orbicularis oris muscle defects in first degree relatives of cleft lip children using ultrasound p. 237
M Mittal, N Maheshwari, K Ahlawat, V Sharma, A Sultan, R Chopra
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Effects of Asthma and Inhalation corticosteroids on the dental arch morphology in children p. 242
SS Kumar, B Nandlal
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Wolcott-Rallison Syndrome p. 250
A Juneja, A Sultan, S Bhatnagar
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Eight year follow-up dental treatment in a patient with Treacher Collins syndrome p. 254
E Ranadheer, K Nagaraju, P Suresh, M Updesh
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Seckel syndrome: A report of a case p. 258
K Ramalingam, SD Kaliyamurthy, M Govindarajan, S Swathi
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A rare case report of orofacial granulomatosis in a pediatric patient p. 262
P Singhal, GD Chandan, UM Das, A Singhal
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Cessation in root development: Ramifications of 'Stevens-Johnson' syndrome p. 267
N Bajaj, N Madan, A Rathnam
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Management of a rare case of impacted primary central incisors in a 3-year-old child p. 271
A Sharma, PB Sood, A Singh, S Sachdeva
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Compound odontoma associated with impacted maxillary incisors p. 275
S Sreedharan, IS Krishnan
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Rabson-Mendenhall syndrome p. 279
J Gupta, Jonathan M Daniel, V Vasudevan
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Retration Notice p. 282
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