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Indian Journal of Urology

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2010| July-September  | Volume 26 | Issue 3  

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Microbes strike back: End of golden era of antibiotics? p. 325
Nitin Kekre
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For post-graduation in urology: Is a preliminary degree in general surgery necessary? p. 326
Arabind Panda
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High intensity focused ultrasound treatment of small renal masses: Clinical effectiveness and technological advances p. 331
G Nabi, C Goodman, A Melzer
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Are urine flow-volume nomograms developed on Caucasian men optimally applicable for Indian men? Need for appraisal of flow-volume relations in local population p. 338
Mayank M Agarwal, Sunirmal Choudhury, Arup K Mandal, Ravimohan Mavuduru, Shrawan K Singh
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Prospective randomized comparison of the safety, efficacy, and cosmetic outcome associated with mini-transverse and mini-longitudinal radical prostatectomy incisions p. 345
Bruce R Kava, Rajinikanth Ayyathurai, Cynthia T Soloway, Miguel Suarez, Prashanth Kanagarajah, Manoharan Murugesan
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"4 x 4 vasovasostomy": A simplified technique for vasectomy reversal p. 350
Rajeev Kumar, Satyadip Mukherjee
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An epidemiological study of urinary incontinence and its impact on quality of life among women aged 35 years and above in a rural area p. 353
Trupti N Bodhare, Sameer Valsangkar, Samir D Bele
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Outcome of shock wave lithotripsy as monotherapy for large solitary renal stones (>2 cm in size) without stenting p. 359
Shanmugasundaram Rajaian, Santosh Kumar, Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Ninan K Chacko, Antony Devasia, Nitin S Kekre
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Commonly used intravenous anesthetics decrease bladder contractility: An in vitro study of the effects of propofol, ketamine, and midazolam on the rat bladder p. 364
Canan Ceran, Arzu Pampal, Ozgur Goktas, H Kutluk Pampal, Ercument Olmez
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Novel instrumentation in Urology: Promoting progress p. 369
Manoj Monga
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Update on ureteroscopy instrumentation p. 370
Renato N Pedro, Manoj Monga
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Evolution of hemostatic agents in surgical practice p. 374
Chandru P Sundaram, Alison C Keenan
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Sacral neuromodulation: Therapy evolution p. 379
Jannah H Thompson, Suzette E Sutherland, Steven W Siegel
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Instrumentation for natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery and laparoendoscopic single-site surgery p. 385
Candace F Granberg, Matthew T Gettman
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New instrumentation in percutaneous nephrolithotomy p. 389
Joseph W Pugh, Benjamin K Canales
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Robotic instrumentation: Evolution and microsurgical applications p. 395
Sijo J Parekattil, Michael E Moran
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Evolution and success of holmium laser enucleation of the prostate p. 404
Amy E Krambeck
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Current and future technology for minimally invasive ablation of renal cell carcinoma p. 410
Branden G Duffey, J Kyle Anderson
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Development of magnetic anchoring and guidance systems for minimally invasive surgery p. 418
Sara L Best, Jeffery A Cadeddu
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Novel instrumentation in urologic surgery: Shock wave lithotripsy p. 423
Michelle J Semins, Brian R Matlaga
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Removal of migrated metallic prostatic stent by holmium laser p. 427
PM Mahajan, AS Padhye, AA Bhave, SS Bapat
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Melanoma of the penis with scintigraphically-guided sentinel node biopsy p. 429
William H Tu, Denise Johnson, Harcharan Gill
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Thrombosis of the dorsal vein of the penis (Mondor's Disease): A case report and review of the literature p. 431
Syed Sajjad Nazir, Muneer Khan
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Successful microsurgical penile replantation following self amputation in a schizophrenic patient p. 434
Saurabh Gyan, Sagar Sushma, Singhal Maneesh, Sagar Rajesh, MC Misra
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Leiomyosarcoma of inferior vena cava involving bilateral renal veins: Surgical challenges and reconstruction with upfront saphenous vein interposition graft for left renal vein outflow p. 438
Rishi Nayyar, Sabyasachi Panda, Ashish Saini, Amlesh Seth, Shiv Kumar Chaudhary
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Primary renal lymphoma mimicking renal cell carcinoma p. 441
Sanju Cyriac, Rajendranath Rejiv, Sundersingh Shirley, Gnana T Sagar
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Zinner syndrome: A unique triad of mesonephric duct abnormalities as an unusual cause of urinary symptoms in late adolescence p. 444
Nitin P Ghonge, Bharat Aggarwal, Amit Kumar Sahu
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Lymphadenectomy in bladder cancer: What should be the extent? p. 448
K Muruganandham, A Mandhani
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Transplant ureter should be stented routinely p. 450
Ritesh Mongha, Anant Kumar
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There is no need to stent the ureterovesical anastomosis in live renal transplants p. 454
Shanmugasundaram Rajaian, Santosh Kumar
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Technical steps of open radical cystectomy and orthotopic neobladder to achieve the goals of "minimally invasive surgery"? p. 457
Anil Mandhani, Anand Dharaskar, Rakesh Kapoor
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Age, gender and voided volume dependent nomograms p. 461
Arvind P Ganpule
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Authors' reply p. 461
Vikash Kumar Singh, Jayesh V Dhabalia, Girish G Nelivigi, Mahendra S Punia, Manav Suryavanshi
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Perspectives on the upgradation of Gleason score after radical prostatectomy: Why our uropathologists need to remain abreast with current concepts p. 462
Gagan Gautam
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Authors' reply p. 463
Rishi Nayyar, Prabhjot Singh, Narmada P Gupta, Ashok K Hemal, Prem N Dogra, Amlesh Seth, Rajeev Kumar
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Human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumors: Can it be a new intravesical therapy for bladder cancer? p. 464
Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Apul Goel, SN Shankhwar
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A minimally invasive non-thermal ablative modality for prostate: Histotripsy p. 465
Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Vengetsh K Sengottayan, Apul Goel
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Serum glucose as a predictor of fluid absorption during transurethral bipolar prostatic surgery p. 466
Joseph Tim Thomas, Arun Chawla, Joseph Thomas
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Shortcomings of current TNM classification of carcinoma penis p. 468
Dharamveer Singh, Pawan Vasudeva, Satyanarayan Sankhwar
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