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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2012| July-September  | Volume 15 | Issue 3  

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Enriching our archives… p. 201
Velayutham Gopikrishna
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Endodontics - Current and future p. 202
Paul V Abbott
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Research methodology in dentistry: Part II - The relevance of statistics in research p. 206
Jogikalmat Krithikadatta, Srinivasan Valarmathi
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Effect of five commercial mouth rinses on the microhardness of a nanofilled resin composite restorative material: An in vitro study p. 214
KN Jyothi, Shanol Crasta, P Venugopal
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Detection of residual obturation material after root canal retreatment with three different techniques using a dental operating microscope and a stereomicroscope: An in vitro comparative evaluation p. 218
Raju Chauhan, AP Tikku, Anil Chandra
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An in vitro evaluation of fracture strength of endodontically treated teeth with simulated flared root canals restored with different post and core systems p. 223
Jayshree Hegde, Ramakrishna , Kusum Bashetty, Srirekha , Lekha , Champa
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Effect of surface treatment on micro shear bond strength of two indirect composites p. 228
Maryam Moezizadeh, Zahra Jaberi Ansari, Fatemeh Matin Fard
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Comparative evaluation of traditional and self-priming hydrophilic resin p. 233
Ruchi Singla, Poonam Bogra, Bhawana Singal
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Evaluation of Vickers hardness and depth of cure of six composite resins photo-activated with different polymerization modes p. 237
C Poggio, M Lombardini, S Gaviati, M Chiesa
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Micro-tensile bond strength of adhesives to pulp chamber dentin after irrigation with Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid p. 242
« Barutcigil, H Arslan, E ÷zcan, OT Harorli
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Evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of Aloe vera and its effectiveness in decontaminating gutta percha cones p. 246
Prakash P Athiban, Bikash Jyoti Borthakur, S Ganesan, B Swathika
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In vitro comparative study of sealing ability of Diadent BioAggregate and other root-end filling materials p. 249
MA El Sayed, MH Saeed
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A self-designed instrument to evaluate cavosurface angle for class I amalgam cavity preparation: A learning aid p. 253
Ankit Arora, Shashi Rashmi Acharya, Vasudev Ballal, Padmaja Sharma
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The effect of different sealer placement techniques on sealing Ability: An in vitro study p. 257
Habibah Md Said, Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar, Manal Farea, Adam Husein
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An in vitro comparison of penetration depth of two root canal sealers: An SEM study p. 261
Chandra Vijay Singh, S Anitha Rao, V Chandrashekar
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The effect of various surface contaminants on the microleakage of two different generation bonding agents: A stereomicroscopic study p. 265
Pragya Kumar, Arvind Shenoy, Sonal Joshi
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Effect of saliva and blood contamination on the bond strength of self-etching adhesive system- An in vitro study p. 270
Madhusudhana Koppolu, Dorasani Gogala, Vinod B Mathew, Venugopal Thangala, Mandava Deepthi, Nalluru Sasidhar
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Evaluation of the sealing ability of resin cement used as a root canal sealer: An in vitro study p. 274
R Vinod Kumar, CS Shruthi
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An in vitro evaluation of shear bond strength of silorane and bis-GMA resin-based composite using different curing units p. 278
Manak Khosla, Neeraj Malhotra, Kundabala Mala
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Effect of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on color stability and surface roughness of resin composites: An in vitro study p. 283
Kshitij Bansal, Shashi Rashmi Acharya, Vidya Saraswathi
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Evaluation of effect of three different dental unit waterline antimicrobials on the shear bond strength to dentin - An ex vivo study p. 289
BV Sreenivasa Murthy, KV Manjula, John V George, N Shruthi
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Comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of natural extracts of Morinda citrifolia, papain and aloe vera (all in gel formulation), 2% chlorhexidine gel and calcium hydroxide, against Enterococcus faecalis: An in vitro study p. 293
Anuj Bhardwaj, Suma Ballal, Natanasabapathy Velmurugan
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Root resection under the surgical field employed for extraction of impacted tooth and management of external resorption p. 298
AR Vivekananda Pai, Manak Khosla
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Caries-risk assessment with a chairside optical spectroscopic sensor p. 303
Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Authors' reply p. 303
Annie Shrestha, MA Mohamed- Tahir, Jayshree Hegde, Amir Azarpazhooh, Anil Kishen
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Essentials of Endodontics - Dr. Vimal Sikri p. 305
Nairn Wilson
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Dr. C. P. Govilla (16-12-1935 to 4-6-2012): A tribute. p. 306
Anil Chandra
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