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Journal of Global Infectious Diseases

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2017| January-March  | Volume 9 | Issue 1  

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State of the globe: Impracticality of clinical scores in acute undifferentiated fever: A global challenge p. 1
Vivek Chauhan, Suman Thakur
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Utility of loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay, polymerase chain reaction, and elisa for diagnosis of leptospirosis in South Indian patients p. 3
Mallika Sengupta, Abhilash Kundavaram Paul Prabhakar, Sowmya Satyendra, David Thambu, Ooriapadickal Cherian Abraham, Veeraraghavan Balaji, Hua-Wei Chen, Chien-Chung Chao, Wei-Mei Ching, John Antony Jude Prakash
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Studying the prevalence, species distribution, and detection of in vitro production of phospholipase from Candida isolated from cases of invasive candidiasis p. 8
Yukti Sharma, Susheel Kumar Chumber, Mandeep Kaur
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Clinical score to differentiate scrub typhus and dengue: A tool to differentiate scrub typhus and dengue p. 12
Shubhanker Mitra, Ira Gautam, Mohan Jambugulam, Kundavaram Paul Prabhakar Abhilash, Vishalakshi Jayaseeelan
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Evolving rapid methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus detection: Cover all the bases p. 18
Yamuna Devi Bakthavatchalam, Laura E B Nabarro, Balaji Veeraraghavan
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Lyell's syndrome and antimalarials: A case report and clinical review p. 23
Joana Miranda Nunes, Sofia Santareno, Lina Guerreiro, Ana Filipa Margalho
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Linezolid-resistant Enterococcus (LRE) faecium from blood culture of an adult burns patient: First report of LRE from Mumbai p. 31
Sujata M Baveja, Anuradha S De, Shreeraj L Talwadekar, Ravidas A Vasave
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Septicemic melioidosis with ruptured splenic abscess in a patient with thalassemia intermedia p. 32
Angel T Miraclin, Selvin Sundar Raj Mani, Sandhya Suresh, Ramya Iyyadurai
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Acute respiratory distress syndrome: An unusual presentation of chikungunya fever viral infection p. 33
Abhijeet Singh
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CNS infections in children: Experience from a tertiary care center p. 35
Beula Subashini, Debasis Das Adhikari, Valsan Philip Verghese, Visalakshi Jeyaseelan, Balaji Veeraraghavan, John Antony Jude Prakash
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Achromobacter xylosoxidans septic arthritis in a child with primary immunodeficiency p. 36
Amitabh Singh, Altaf Hussain, Rahul Jain, Kumar Aishwarya, Vibhor Tak, Preeti Thakur
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