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Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

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2009| July-August  | Volume 57 | Issue 4  

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Off with the label and on the Avastin bandwagon: Why now and how far? p. 253
KS Santhan Gopal
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Current concepts in the pathophysiology of glaucoma p. 257
Renu Agarwal, Suresh K Gupta, Puneet Agarwal, Rohit Saxena, Shyam S Agrawal
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Functional and anatomical outcomes after primary lens-sparing pars plana vitrectomy for Stage 4 retinopathy of prematurity p. 267
Pramod Bhende, Lingam Gopal, Tarun Sharma, Aditya Verma, Rupak Kanti Biswas
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Review of epidemiological features, microbiological diagnosis and treatment outcome of microbial keratitis: Experience of over a decade p. 273
Usha Gopinathan, Savitri Sharma, Prashant Garg, Gullapalli N Rao
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Evaluation of central, steady, maintained fixation grading for predicting inter-eye visual acuity difference to diagnose and treat amblyopia in strabismic patients p. 281
Mihir Kothari, Amar Bhaskare, Deepali Mete, Svetlana Toshniwal, Priti Doshi, Shalini Kaul
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Comparison of psychosocial and emotional consequences of childhood strabismus on the families from rural and urban India p. 285
Mihir Kothari, Suwarna Balankhe, Rinkle Gawade, Svetlana Toshnival
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Tear ascorbic acid levels and the total antioxidant status in contact lens wearers: A pilot study p. 289
Sai Jyothi Aluru Venkata, Angayarkanni Narayanasamy, Vidhya Srinivasan, Geetha Krishnan Iyer, Ramakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan, Madhumathi Subramanian, Rajeshwari Mahadevan
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Diabetic retinopathy, visual impairment and ocular status among patients with diabetes mellitus in Yemen: A hospital-based study p. 293
Mahfouth A Bamashmus, Abdallah A Gunaid, Rajiv B Khandekar
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Vitamin A-first dose supplement coverage evaluation amongst children aged 12-23 months residing in slums of Delhi, India p. 299
Sandeep Sachdeva, Utsuk Datta
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Vertical lid split approach for optic nerve sheath decompression p. 305
Venkatesh C Prabhakaran, Dinesh Selva
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Successful management of presumed Candida endogenous endophthalmitis with oral voriconazole p. 306
Raju Biju, Daniel Sushil, Nainan K Georgy
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Scleral ulceration after vitreoretinal surgery p. 309
Nikhil S Gokhale
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Keratouveitis caused by Euphorbia plant sap p. 311
Samar K Basak, Partho K Bakshi, Sabitabrata Basu, Soham Basak
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Aniridia associated with congenital aphakia and secondary glaucoma p. 313
Mayur Moreker, Rajul Parikh, Shefali R Parikh, Ravi Thomas
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Vision recovery in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients with optic neuropathy treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy: A case series p. 315
Kalpana Babu, Krishna R Murthy, Nirmala Rajagopalan, B Satish
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Schwannoma of the eyelid: Apropos of two cases p. 318
Raja Anane Touzri, Khalil Errais, Rachida Zermani, Sarra Benjilani, Amel Ouertani
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Fibrinous anterior uveitis following laser in situ keratomileusis p. 320
Pragya Parmar, Amjad Salman, M Rajmohan, Nelson CA Jesudasan
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Microphthalmia and microcornea: In congenital cytomegalovirus p. 323
P Kava Maina, Nagarajan Lakshmi
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Entrapment of intravitreal triamcinolone behind the crystalline lens p. 324
Amjad Salman, Pragya Parmar, Vanila G Coimbatore, Rajmohan Meenakshisunderam, Nelson Jesudasan A Christdas
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Polycythemia vera presenting with bilateral papilledema p. 325
Suneetha Nithyanandam
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Retinitis pigmentosa associated with blepharophimosis, blue dot cataract and primary inferior oblique overaction: A new syndrome complex or consummate myotonic dystrophy? p. 325
Pramod Kumar Pandey, Pankaj Vats, Pooja Jain, Ashish Amar, Yuvika Bansal
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Retinal pigment epithelium atrophy following indocyanine green dye-assisted surgery for serous macular detachment p. 326
Vinod Kumar, Basudeb Ghosh, Meenakshi Thakar, Neha Goel
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Authors' reply p. 327
Nazimul Hussain, Subhadra Jalali, Alka Rani, Hema Rawal
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Optical coherence tomography in a patient with chloroquine-induced maculopathy p. 327
Suresh Ramchandani, Sushama Ramchandani
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Authors' reply p. 328
Sanita Korah, Thomas Kuriakose
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Anti-vascular endothelial growth factor in ophthalmology p. 330
Rajesh Sinha, Sunil Choudhary, Subijoy Sinha, Nagender Vashisht, Chandrashekhar Kumar
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