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Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

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2015| January-March  | Volume 9 | Issue 1  

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Labor pain relief for parturients: We can do better p. 1
Xian Wang, Fuzhou Wang
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0.5% levobupivacaine versus 0.5% ropivacaine: Are they different in ultrasound-guided sciatic block? p. 3
Pham Dang Charles, Langlois Cécile, Lambert Chantal, Nguyen Jean-Michel, Asehnoune Karim, Lejus Corinne
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Effect of single oral dose of tramadol on gastric secretions pH p. 9
Khan Mueen Ullah, Mansoor Aqil, Altaf Hussain, Tariq Al Zahrani, Marwan Hillis
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Neurodevelopmental outcome after cardiac surgery utilizing cardiopulmonary bypass in children p. 12
Aymen N Naguib, Peter D Winch, Joseph D Tobias, Keith O Yeates, Yongjie Miao, Mark Galantowicz, Timothy M Hoffman
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Modified sevoflurane-based sedation technique versus propofol sedation technique: A randomized-controlled study p. 19
Mohamed Ibrahim Syaed El Ahl
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Frequency of Intensive Care Unit admission after elective interventional neuroradiological procedures under general anesthesia in a tertiary care hospital p. 23
Faisal Shamim, Ali Asghar, Karima Karam
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Effective dose 50 of desflurane for laryngeal mask airway removal in anaesthetized children in cataract surgeries with subtenon block p. 27
Sameer Sethi, Babita Ghai, Dipika Bansal, Jagat Ram
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Effectiveness of gaseous and intravenous inductions on children's anxiety and distress during extraction of teeth under general anesthesia p. 33
Giath Gazal, Wamiq M Fareed, Muhammad S Zafar
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A comparison of fiberoptical guided tracheal intubation via laryngeal mask and laryngeal tube p. 37
Thomas Metterlein, Christoph Plank, Barbara Sinner, Anika Bundscherer, Bernhard M Graf, Gabriel Roth
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Effect of low dose tranexamic acid on intra-operative blood loss in neurosurgical patients p. 42
Ramya Vel, Bidkar Prasanna Udupi, Munaganuri Venkata Siva Satya Prakash, Sethuramachandran Adinarayanan, Sandeep Mishra, Lenin Babu
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Is the World Health Organization-recommended dose of pralidoxime effective in the treatment of organophosphorus poisoning? A randomized, double-blinded and placebo-controlled trial p. 49
Sumaya Syed, Showkat Ahmad Gurcoo, Ayaz Khalid Farooqui, Waqarul Nisa, Khalid Sofi, Tariq M Wani
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Comparison of efficacy of three subanesthetic doses of ketamine in allaying procedural discomfort during establishment of subarachnoid block: A randomized double-blind trial p. 55
VR Hemanth Kumar, Umesh Kumar Athiraman, Sameer M Jahagirdar, R Sripriya, S Parthasarathy, M Ravishankar
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Morphometry of stylomastoid foramen and its clinical application in facial nerve block p. 60
Nidhi Sharma, Rohit Varshney
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Status of problem based learning in postgraduate anesthesia teaching: A cross-sectional survey p. 64
Geetanjali Chilkoti, Rachna Wadhwa, Ashok Kumar
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The evolution of spinal/epidural neostigmine in clinical application: Thoughts after two decades p. 71
Gabriela Rocha Lauretti
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Anesthesia for hemicolectomy in a known porphyric with cecal malignancy p. 82
BK Naithani, Shagun Bhatia Shah, AK Bhargava, Vivek Batra
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Anesthesia management in a child with laryngeal papilloma causing near complete airway obstruction p. 86
Parate Leena Harshad, Vinayak Pujari, Nagaraj Mungasuvalli Channappa, Tejesh Channasandra Anandaswamy
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Anesthetic management of a case of armored brain p. 89
Surender Kumar Gupta, Mihir Prakash Pandia
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Anesthetic management of patient with systemic lupus erythematosus and antiphospholipid antibodies syndrome for laparoscopic nephrectomy and cholecystectomy p. 91
Rashid Saeed Khokhar, Jumana Baaj, Abdulhamid Al-Saeed, Motasim Sheraz
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An unusual cause of high peak airway pressure: Interpretation of displayed alarms p. 94
Byrappa Vinay, Kamath Sriganesh, Kadarapura Nanjundaiah Gopalakrishna, Venkataramaiah Sudhir
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Pediatric fiberoptic intubation: Another challenge… another approach!! p. 97
Swati Chhabra, Savita Saini, Rajmala Jaiswal, Mangal Ahlawat
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Safe anesthesia management protocol of a child with congenital long QT syndrome and deafness (Jervell and lange-nielsen syndrome) for cochlear implant surgery p. 98
Mayank Kumar, Dalim Kumar Baidya, Virender Kumar Mohan, Mamta
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Successful awake nasal fiberoptic intubation in a patient with restricted mouth opening due to a large tongue flap p. 100
Michael O Ayeko, Gyanendra Mohan, Abdulatif Al Basha
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Cardiopulmonary bypass with deep hypothermic circulatory arrest for liver abscess with inferior vena cava thrombus: An anesthetic challenge p. 101
Nita Hazarika, Ramesh Kashav, Rajesh Sood
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Prevention and treatment of sevoflurane emergence agitation and delirium in children with dexmedetomidine p. 103
Michael Ayeko, Ahmed Abouzeed Mohamed
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Dexmedetomidine during carotid endarterectomy: A review or a commentary? p. 104
JS Anwari
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Genetic heterogenicity of Angelman syndrome and its significance to the anesthesiologist p. 105
Nupur Gupta, Tanvir Samra, Ranvider Kaur, Radhika Agarwala
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Novel technique of inhalational induction of an infant with a large nasal mass p. 106
Yashwant Dhanwale, Anuj Jain
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Self-expanding metal stents for esophageal perforation with nasogastric tube insertion in esophageal carcinoma p. 108
Tim Thomas Joseph, Lokvendra Singh Budania, Amrut K Rao, Kush Ashokkumar Goyal
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Is there a role for therapeutic bronchoscopy in acute severe asthma? p. 109
Javier Navarro-Esteva, Antonio M Esquinas-Rodríguez
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A proposal for a new approach in the prevention of laryngospasm in children p. 111
Mokhtar Talbi
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