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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2014| September-October  | Volume 25 | Issue 5  

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Call for Change p. 549
Ashok Dhoble
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Setting stronger "Firewalls" p. 550
SM Balaji
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Evaluation of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity of fixed dose combination: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in experimental animals p. 551
Amit Lahoti, Bhupinder S Kalra, Uma Tekur
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Assessing extent of single stranded DNA damage in oral mucosal cells of patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma and its correlation with TNM staging p. 555
SS Bhagwath, L Chandra
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Development and validation of oral health-related early childhood quality of life tool for North Indian preschool children p. 559
Vijay Prakash Mathur, Jatinder Kaur Dhillon, Ajay Logani, Ramesh Agarwal
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Immunolocalization of heme oxygenase-1 in periodontal diseases p. 567
G Gayathri, S Muthukumar, Leena Dennis Joseph, R Suresh
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Correlation between clinical and radiographic findings on the occurrence of furcation involvement in patients with periodontitis p. 572
Estela Santos Gusmão, Ana Carolina Lessa Cavalcanti Picarte, Maria Bernadete Cavalcanti Bené Barbosa, Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rösing, Renata Cimoes
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Efficiency and effectiveness evaluation of three glass fiber post removal techniques using dental structure wear assessment method p. 576
Flávia Casale Abe, Carlos Eduardo da Silveira Bueno, Alexandre Sigrist De Martin, Felipe Davini, Rodrigo Sanches Cunha
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In-silico analysis of heat shock protein 47 for identifying the novel therapeutic agents in the management of oral submucous fibrosis p. 580
Jayasankar P Pillai, Girish J Parmar, Rakesh Rawal, Faraz Shaikh, Girish R Chauhan, Rajarajeswari J Pillai
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Evaluation of changes in clinical crown length of lower anterior teeth after treatment with Frankel-2's appliance p. 586
Arthur C Vasconcelos, Renata P Joias, Sigmar M Rode, Marco A Scanavini, Henrique D Rosario, Luiz Renato Paranhos
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The effect of Emdogain gel on periodontal regeneration in autogenous transplanted dog's teeth p. 589
Manuel Marques Ferreira, Botelho Maria Filomena, Carvalho Lina, Oliveiros Barbara, Carrilho Eunice Virginia Palmeirao
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Comparative evaluation of bovine derived hydroxyapatite and synthetic hydroxyapatite graft in bone regeneration of human maxillary cystic defects: A clinico-radiological study p. 594
Vivekanand S Kattimani, Srinivas P Chakravarthi, K Naga Neelima Devi, Meka S Sridhar, L Krishna Prasad
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Problematic eating and its association with early childhood caries among 46-71-month-old children using Children's Eating Behavior Questionnaire (CEBQ): A cross sectional study p. 602
Latha Anandakrishna, Neha Bhargav, Amitha Hegde, Prakash Chandra, Dhananjaya Gaviappa, Ashmitha Kishan Shetty
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Effect of four different intracanal medicaments on the apical seal of the root canal system: A dye extraction study p. 607
Monika Tandan, Mithra N Hegde, Priyadarshini Hegde
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Comparative evaluation of serum superoxide dismutase and glutathione levels in periodontally diseased patients: An interventional study p. 613
Thomas Biju, M Madani Shabeer, Ramesh Amitha, B Prasad Rajendra, Kumari Suchetha
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Smear layer removal efficacy of different irrigating solutions: A comparative scanning electron microscope evaluation p. 617
B Ahir, V Parekh, MK Katyayan, PA Katyayan
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Comparison of the dental arch changes in patients with different malocclusions p. 623
Devinder Preet Singh, Arun K Garg, SP Singh, US Krishna Nayak, Mohit Gupta
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Corrosion of orthodontic brackets in different spices:In vitro study p. 630
TP Chaturvedi
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Strain gauges's analysis on implant-retained prosthesis' cast accuracy p. 635
Mariana A Rodrigues, Leonardo F Luthi, Jessica MFK Takahashi, Mauro AA Nobilo, Guilherme EP Henriques
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Evaluation of the marginal fit of metal copings fabricated on three different marginal designs using conventional and accelerated casting techniques: An in vitro study p. 641
Sharad Vaidya, Hari Parkash, Akshay Bhargava, Sharad Gupta
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Prevalence of dental anomalies on panoramic radiographs in a population of the state of Pará, Brazil p. 648
Antonio JG Goncalves.Filho, Larissa B Moda, Roberta P Oliveira, Andre Luis Ribeiro Ribeiro, João JV Pinheiro, Sérgio M Alver-Junior
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Socioeconomic mobility and tobacco consumption patterns in fish industry workers in Udupi District of coastal Karnataka p. 653
Shashidhar Acharya, Kalyana Chakravarthy Pentapati, Shruthi Acharya
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Relationship between periodontitis and systemic diseases: Leptin, a new biomarker? p. 657
Hansa Jain, Sanjyot Mulay
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Functional approach to a Class II patient with upper first molar impaction p. 662
Giacomo D'Orlandi, Lorenzo Raguzzi, Efisio Defraia, Felicita Pierleoni
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Orthodontic-surgical management of a case of severe mandibular deficiency due to condylar ankylosis p. 667
Sridevi Padmanabhan, Subhakar Juvvadi, Arun B Chithranjan, S Ramkumar, N Nanda Kumar
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Oral fibrolipoma: A rare histological variant p. 672
Treville Pereira, Subraj Shetty, Swati Sapdhare, Avinash Tamgadge
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Isolated bilateral zygomatic complex and zygomatic arch fractures with oral submucous fibrosis: An unusual and rare case report p. 675
Alagappan Meyyappan, S Vijayparthiban, M Semmia
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Orthodontic extrusion of subgingivally fractured tooth using a removable appliance: An alternative treatment to reestablish biological width p. 678
Kanika Gupta Verma, Suruchi Juneja, Sandeep Kumar, Tanya Goyal
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Indian dental research - need for self appraisal p. 681
Thavarajah Rooban, Kumar PD Madan, Saravanan Poorni
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