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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2015| July-September  | Volume 6 | Issue 3  

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Solutions for commandeered journals, debatable journals, and forged journals p. 283
Mehrdad Jalalian
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Disease encumber-What lies ahead?? p. 286
SG Damle
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Pulp response to high fluoride releasing glass ionomer, silver diamine fluoride, and calcium hydroxide used for indirect pulp treatment: An in-vivo comparative study p. 288
Atish Korwar, Sidhartha Sharma, Ajay Logani, Naseem Shah
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Airway in Class I and Class II skeletal pattern: A computed tomography study p. 293
Deepthi Paul, Sapna Varma, VV Ajith
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An appraisal of innovative meloxicam mucoadhesive films for periodontal postsurgical pain control: A double-blinded, randomized clinical trial of effectiveness p. 299
S Raja Rajeswari, Triveni M Gowda, Tarun A.B. Kumar, J Thimmasetty, Dhoom Singh Mehta
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Correlation of salivary immunoglobulin A against lipopolysaccharide of Porphyromonas gingivalis with clinical periodontal parameters p. 305
Pushpa S Pudakalkatti, Abhinav S Baheti
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Effectiveness of four different techniques in removing intracanal medicament from the root canals: An in vitrostudy p. 309
AC Bhuyan, Mukut Seal, Kartik Pendharkar
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The evaluation of oral health-related factors on the quality of life of the elderly in Babol p. 313
Mina Motallebnejad, Shervin Mehdizadeh, Nazanin Najafi, Fatemeh Sayyadi
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Maxillomandibular relationship record for complete arch/mouth implant restorations using putty-elastomeric occlusion rim at healing abutment level p. 318
Pravinkumar G Patil, Smita Nimbalkar-Patil
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Clinical evaluation of expanded mesh connective tissue graft in the treatment for multiple adjacent gingival recessions in the esthetic zone p. 321
M Shanmugam, B Shivakumar, B Meenapriya, V Anitha, B Ashwath
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Evaluation of treatment related fear using a newly developed fear scale for children: "Fear assessment picture scale" and its association with physiological response p. 327
Nishidha Tiwari, Shilpi Tiwari, Ruchi Thakur, Nikita Agrawal, ND Shashikiran, Shilpy Singla
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Three-dimensional facial analyses of Indian and Malaysian women p. 332
Preethi Kusugal, Zarir Ruttonji, Roopa Gowda, Ladusingh Rajpurohit, Pritam Lad, Ritu
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Evaluation of validity of Tanaka-Johnston analysis in Mumbai school children p. 337
Chaitali Umesh Hambire, Sunanda Sujan
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Efficacy of custom made oral appliance for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea p. 341
VR Cilil, NK Sapana Varma, Siby Gopinath, VV Ajith
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Comparative evaluation of clinical, hematological and systemic inflammatory markers in smokers and non-smokers with chronic periodontitis p. 348
Vinayak Kanakdande, Kaustubh P Patil, Abhishek Singh Nayyar
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Efficacy of three-tone disclosing agent as an adjunct in caries risk assessment p. 358
Mungara Jayanthi, Mangalampally Shilpapriya, Venumbaka Nilaya Reddy, Arun Elangovan, Rajendran Sakthivel, Poornima Vijayakumar
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Clinical and microbiological efficacy of 3% satranidazole gel as a local drug delivery system in the treatment of chronic periodontitis: A randomized, controlled clinical trial p. 364
N Priyanka, Nitish Kalra, Shahab Saquib, Nitin Kudyar, Nikhil Malgaonkar, Hunny Jain, AR Pradeep
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Evaluation of condylar inclination of dentulous subjects determined by axiograph and to compare with manual programming of articulators using protrusive interocclusal record p. 371
Krishna D Prasad, Manoj Shetty, Binoj K Chandy
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Oral health determinants among female addicts in Iran p. 375
S Jalal Pourhashemi, Mehrdad Ghane, Hajar Shekarchizadeh, Ahmad Jafari
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Effects of composite restorations on nitric oxide and uric acid levels in saliva p. 381
Nilgun Akgul, Pinar Gul, Hamit Hakan Alp, Ahmet Kiziltunc
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Comparative evaluation of effect of metal primer and sandblasting on the shear bond strength between heat cured acrylic denture base resin and cobalt-chromium alloy: An in vitrostudy p. 386
Sandeep Kalra, Vishwas Kharsan, Nidhi Mangtani Kalra
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Repeat film analysis and its implications for quality assurance in dental radiology: An institutional case study p. 392
Shruthi Acharya, Keerthilatha M Pai, Shashidhar Acharya
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Oral health-related quality of life of children seeking orthodontic treatment based on child oral health impact profile: A cross-sectional study p. 396
G Thiruvenkadam, Sharath Asokan, J Baby John, PR Geetha Priya, J Prathiba
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Gender difference and root canal morphology in mandibular premolars: A cone-beam computed tomography study in an Iranian population p. 401
Maryam Kazemipoor, Afrooz Hajighasemi, Roqayeh Hakimian
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Comparative study of detection of bacteremia after different oral surgical procedures p. 405
Tabishur Rahman, Syed S Ahmed, Harris M Khan, Ghulam S Hashmi, Sajjad A Rahman, Kalim M Ansari
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Effect of preparation convergence on retention of multiple unit restorations - An in vitrostudy p. 409
Dileep Nag Vinnakota
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Dental management of hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: A report of two cases p. 414
Meenu Mittal, Dhirendra Srivastava, Ashok Kumar, Poonam Sharma
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Dental management of patient with Williams Syndrome - A case report p. 418
Daniel Wong, Srinivas Sulugodu Ramachandra, Ashish Kumar Singh
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Maxillary second molar impaction in the adjacent ectopic third molar: Report of five rare cases p. 421
Bernardo Q Souki, Paula L Cheib, Gabriela M de Brito, Larissa S.M.C. Pinto
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Recent modifications of free gingival graft: A case series p. 425
Rucha Shah, Raison Thomas, Dhoom Singh Mehta
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Bilateral dens invaginatus in the mandibular premolars - Diagnosis and treatment p. 428
Nupur Kharangate, Nigel R Figueiredo, Marina Fernandes, Rajan Lambor
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Langerhans cell histiocytosis revisited: Case report with review p. 432
Y Pavan Kumar, Jayshree Agrawal, J Mohanlakshmi, P Suresh Kumar
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Unusually large submandibular epidermoid cyst: A case report, differential diagnosis and therapy: Retraction p. 437
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