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Indian Journal of Otology

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2017| July-September  | Volume 23 | Issue 3  

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Comparative study of speech and language development in children with normal hearing and cochlear implant in Iran p. 135
Hamed Ahmadi, Hamed Mahmoudian Sani, Gholamreza Farnoosh, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudian Sani
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Significance of round window niche drilling for cochlear implant surgery p. 141
Deepak Dalmia, Sanjaya Kumar Behera
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Comparative assessment of grommets with topical intranasal steroid in cases of otitis media with effusion p. 146
Sushil Suresh Chavan, Prakash S Nagpure
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Impact of smoking and tobacco addiction on sensorineural hearing loss among normal healthy participants: A cross-sectional cohort study p. 151
Balaji Sekher, Vikas Sinha, Sushil G Jha
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Evaluation of effects of diabetes mellitus type 2 and hyperlipidemia on hearing p. 155
Sandip M Parmar, Pushkar Khare, Meenu Chaudhary
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Effects of nonlinear amplification on differential sensitivity measures in individuals with cochlear hearing impairment p. 162
N Devi, G Amritha, Kishore Tanniru
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Beck depression Inventory-II in hearing impaired elderly patients: A presbycusis study p. 168
Mohammad Hossein Nilforoush, Mahsa Sepehrnejad, Zahra Habibi
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Comparison of manual and computer-assisted measurement of cochlear nerve obtained from magnetic resonance imaging p. 171
S Jeevakala, A Brintha Therese, Rajeswaran Rangasami
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Radiological changes in anatomy of temporal bone in cases of unsafe chronic suppurative otitis media: A retrospective study p. 176
Vinit Kumar Sharma, Neeraj Prajapati, Rohit Sharma, Zafar Iqbal, Shubham Dadoo
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Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its sensitivity spectrum in chronic suppurative otitis media: A study from Garhwal hills of Uttarakhand State, India p. 180
Deepak Juyal, Munesh Sharma, Vikrant Negi, Rajat Prakash, Neelam Sharma
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Speech language development after cochlear implants in prelingual children according to the age of implantation p. 185
Alexandre Caixeta Guimarães, Henrique Furlan Pauna, Silvia Badur Curi, Vagner Rodrigues Silva, Alexandre S. M Duarte, Arthur Menino Castilho
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Comparison of myringostapediopexy and malleostapediopexy tympanoplasty with sculptured incus in case of hearing reconstruction in tubotympanic chronic otitis media: A case series p. 189
Virendra Pratap Singh, Neha Sharma, Chetan Bansal
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Preauricular sinus: A comparative study between different surgical approaches p. 193
Ahmed Shaker ElAassar, Mohammad Abd-El Hady, Sherif M Askar, Hazem Said Amer, Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar
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Simultaneous labyrinthectomy and cochlear implantation for a case of otosclerosis with intractable vertigo p. 197
Joyce Pascal Rozario, Anjali Lepcha, John Mathew
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Basal cell carcinoma of the Auricular concha p. 200
Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar, Mohamed Salah
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Unrare but unfamiliar preauricular pilomatricoma mimicking parotid tumor p. 203
Anna Park, Jeong Hwan Choi
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Left mastoid abscess and right automastoidectomy: Two rare complications of cholesteatoma in a patient p. 205
Boon Chye Gan, Mohd Khairi Md Daud
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Reimplantation of an amputated pinna: A case report and review of literature p. 208
Brajpal Singh Tyagi, Sushant Tyagi
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Multimodality approach in evaluation of common crus aplasia p. 211
Sai Kiran Pendem, Rajeswaran Rangasami, S Sanjeev Mohanty, Prabhu Radhan Radhakrishnan
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Malnutrition among children having otitis media: A Hospital-based cross-sectional study in Lucknow District p. 216
Mahmood Dhahir Al-Mendalawi
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