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Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

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2016| January-March  | Volume 34 | Issue 1  

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Publicationomics: Delusion demystified p. 1
ND Shashikiran
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Effect of fixed space maintainers and removable appliances on oral microflora in children: An in vivo study p. 3
Ritesh Kundu, Abhay M Tripathi, Jagdish Narain Jaiswal, Ujjala Ghoshal, Madhuchanda Palit, Sonali Khanduja
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pH modulation and salivary sugar clearance of different chocolates in children: A randomized clinical trial p. 10
SVSG Nirmala, Mohammed Akhil Quadar, Sindhuri Veluru
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Correlation of plaque nitric oxide levels with plaque Streptococcus mutans, plaque pH and decayed, missing and filled teeth index of children of different age groups p. 17
Sawinderjit Saini, Hina Noorani, PK Shivaprakash
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An in-vitro evaluation of antibacterial effect of Amalgomer CR and Fuji VII against bacteria causing severe early childhood caries p. 23
Rajesh Hemant Bariker, Praveenkumar S Mandroli
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A survey of the dentist attire and gender preferences in dentally anxious children p. 30
Alexander Asokan, Haalaswamy V Kambalimath, Raju U Patil, Sathish Maran, KP Bharath
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Association of severe early childhood caries with iron deficiency anemia p. 36
Kalpana Bansal, Meetu Goyal, Renuka Dhingra
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Impact of verbal, braille text, and tactile oral hygiene awareness instructions on oral health status of visually impaired children p. 43
P Brahmanna Chowdary, KS Uloopi, C Vinay, V Veerabhadra Rao, Chandrasekhar Rayala
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Cheiloscopy and dermatoglyphics as genetic markers in the transmission of cleft lip and palate: A case-control study p. 48
K Saujanya, M Ghanashyam Prasad, B Sushma, J Raghavendra Kumar, YSN Reddy, K Niranjani
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A clinical and radiographic study of four different root canal fillings in primary molars p. 55
Alaa O Al-Ostwani, Bashier M Al-Monaqel, Mohamed K Al-Tinawi
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Effect of the video output of the dental operating microscope on anxiety levels in a pediatric population during restorative procedures p. 60
Abrar Sayed, Vinisha Ranna, Dimple Padawe, Vilas Takate
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Anti-microbial efficacy of green tea and chlorhexidine mouth rinses against Streptococcus mutans, Lactobacilli spp. and Candida albicans in children with severe early childhood caries: A randomized clinical study p. 65
Ann Thomas, Sneha R Thakur, Sowmya B Shetty
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Comparison of linear and zero-inflated negative binomial regression models for appraisal of risk factors associated with dental caries p. 71
Manu Batra, Aasim Farooq Shah, Prashant Rajput, Ishrat Aasim Shah
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Dental health in children with congenital bleeding disorders in and around Davangere: A case-control study p. 76
NB Nagaveni, Shruthi Arekal, P Poornima, Suresh Hanagawady, Sneha Yadav
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Self healing hemophilic pseudotumor of the mandible in a 5-year-old boy, an interesting and rare finding: Case report and review p. 82
Ruchika Keshaw Prasad, B Siva, Jaisika Rajpal, Ankur Singh
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Central hemangioma: A case report and review of literature p. 87
Sandeep Jain, Sasidhar Singaraju, Medhini Singaraju
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Fetal hydantoin syndrome: A case report p. 92
A Singh, HP Bhatia, A Mohan, N Sharma
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Dental root agenesis following radiation and antineoplastic therapy: A Case Report p. 96
Abdul Hafiz, Abdulla Mufeed, Punit Bharadwaj, Dinesh Rao
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A tribute p. 100
Deepak Chauhan
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